Hope Revival Children's Organization


Our mission is to continually provide support for the more relatively disadvantaged citizens of Musoma and the surrounding areas, through supporting the most vulnerable children and providing them with basic needs, education and comprehensive healthcare, and to support the older disadvantaged and marginalized with essential entrepreneurial knowledge and key skills to allow for a sustainable income, to cater for them and their families.


HRCO centres around the support of orphans and young children, as well as entrepreneurial projects for the disadvantaged in the community of Musoma.


HRCO is currently looking for skilled volunteers to help in its various projects and goals, whilst sharing in African culture.

Volunteers with skills in Development or finance are highly desired.

Volunteers can get involved in:

      • Helping to teach sports and lessons to children
      • Introduce new skills and designs to the sewing and shoe making
      • Assist and contribute to the brickmaking project
      • Write project proposals to different potential donars
      • Develop and continue media presence
      • Evaluate and develop project success

In free time:

      • Visit the Serengeti National Park
      • Visit the beautiful islands on Lake Victoria, such as Lukoba Island
      • Visit the museum and local beaches
      • Explore the markets and socialise with the friendly locals
      • Various other activities such as canoing, motorbiking and learning new skills

It is an exciting time for HRCO as it rapidly expands and grows, meaning that there is always something to participate in. For more information please don't hesitate to contact us!