Writing Club for Kids

The 2018-2019 Session of HPL Writing Club for Kids will focus on translating visual inspiration to words.

A new page will be added after each session, allowing the participants to continue their story at home if they choose.

What kind of story?

Remember, not every story needs to be long or detailed. You can write long stories, short stories, micro stories, or 2 sentence stories. It's all about what inspires you. Find out more.

At the end of each session, young writers will have the chance to put their writing into a digital book that can be checked out with a library card!

The 2018-2019 Session will be available by the end of Summer 2019.

Homewood Public Library

17917 Dixie Hwy * Homewood, IL * 60430 * www.homewoodlibrary.org

Miss Kelly