Nov 22th

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Nov 8th

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Oct 25th

(Tate) Lab project

(Young Kwang) Lab project

September 27

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(So Young)

September 13

(Tate) Lab project

(Ayoung) Lab project

September 6

(SK Choi) Lab presentation

(Yong Yoon) Lab presentation

August 30

(Yong Yoon) lab presentation

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August 23

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August 16

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August 9

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(Sung kyu) lab presentation

July 19

(Yong Yoon) Experiment presentation

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July 12

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July 5

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June 12

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June 5

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May 26

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May 8

(Tate) Lab project.

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May 1

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(Yong Yoon) Lab Project.

April 10

(Sung Kyu) Lab data presentation

April 3

(Young Kwang) Lab data presentation

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(A Young) Presentation about research


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(Young Kwang) Lab project


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