Welcome! (한국어)

I am Hyunwoong Park (HP). My research group and I are working on the production of renewable and environmentally benign energies and fuels using solar light as a primary energy source. Currently, we are making solar light active nano-integrate catalysts and electrocatalysts for converting solar light into fuels such as hydrogen via water splitting (photocatalytic and photoelectrochemical water splitting) and hydrocarbons via CO2 reduction (artificial photosynthesis). In addition, we are developing novel electrodes for recovering resources from seawater as well as remediating the environmentally toxic and hazardous chemicals. Primary research interests are summarized as follows.

Hydrogen Production with Renewable Energy Sources

Artificial Photosynthesis for CO2 Conversion and Upcycling

Electrocatalytic Advanced/Partial Oxidation Technologies

Electrochemical Desalination (SUNDESAL)

Photochemical Advanced/Partial Oxidation for Air Quality Control