How to Pop Rivet

What you need to pop rivet

Safety glasses

Pop rivet box


Center punch

Contents of the Pop Rivet box

1/8" Pop rivets

1/8" Hole Punch for Pop Rivets

5/32" Hole Punch for Screws

1/4" Hole Punch

Pop Rivet gun

How a Pop Rivet works:

Step by step on how to Pop Rivet

Step 1:

Lay your tools out


Marking out tools

hammer and center punch

1/8" Hole punch

Rivet gun

Material to rivet

Step 2:

Use marking out tools to locate where you wish to put your rivet

Step 3:

Use the center punch and the hammer to mark the center of the hole.

Step 4:

Use the 1/8" hole punch to make the hole for the rivet

Line the point of the punch with the dent from the center punch

Step 5: Riveting the material together.

Take a rivet.

Place the rivet through the holes in the metal.

Make sure that the material is tight together with no gaps in between.

Top view

large flat side with the stem is the top


The larger side of the rivet

Step 6: Riveting

Take the rivet gun

Put the long stem into the the hole in the end of the rivet gun.

Once the stem is completely in the rivet gun squeeze the handles together.

continue to squeeze and release the handles until the Rivet "Pops" off locking the materials together.

Popped Rivet

Additional notes:

Rivets are 1/8" in diameter.

It is possible to rivet multiple pieces of material together.

It is also possible to rivet different types of material together

wood to metal

metal to acrylic

acrylic to wood

acrylic to acrylic