How Felons Can Get Jobs

Before applying for any job, you must place yourself in the best position to be hired. The first and most important is thing is appearance. You will never have a second chance to make a first impression.

Do you have clothing suitable for interviews?

Do you have a resume? A resume will present your skills, past experience and other information in one neat package. Everyone looking for a job should have a resume. If you do not have a well written resume, you should do what you have to get one.

How are your interview skills. Once again, you will have to leave an employer with a good impression of you, so brush up on your interviewing skills

This is a great list and a great opportunity for ex-offenders and felons to get hired for jobs. Make the most of the opportunity!

Women should wear a classic skirted or pant suit with a light colored blouse or a simple dress that does not come up above the knee. Do not wear anything too tight or too skimpy. Be sure to wear coordinated pumps that are neat and clean. The pantyhose should match the skin with no pattern.

Hair should be neat and of natural color. A short hairstyle is best, but tastefully done longer hair is fine. Fingernails should be neatly trimmed with tasteful polish. The make-up should be natural looking. One set of earrings (no larger than a quarter) no facial piercings or tongue ornaments, one ring per hand and no more than one bracelet per wrist. If you have visible tattoos, especially on the neck or face, should be covered by makeup.

For men, a well fitting suit with a nice shirt and tie would be the absolute best thing to have. That may not be possible for someone just coming home but I suggest that men at least have dark dress slacks, a light colored shirt and a coordinated tie. You should also have a pair of shoes that you can put some polish on. Not boots, not sneakers…shoes! A good number of my students buy their interview clothing at thrift stores like Goodwill or the Salvation Army store. They find quality clothes at very low prices, clean and press them and they are ready to interview. Never mind how you get them, the right clothes will make the difference.

You should also have a neat haircut and be clean shaven. If you wear a beard, it should be neat and trimmed. How do you look? Do you look like an ex-offender with a shirt and tie or do you look like a businessman? Look at yourself in the mirror. Do you look like you are going to a business meeting? You should. An interview is just that, a business meeting. You should always look like a professional who is there to conduct business! Always dress like you have an interview even to fill out applications. You will never get a second chance to make a first impression.