How To Reduce Man Boobs

Breast Reduction Men Gynecomastia

How To Reduce Man Boobs

Gynecomastia is the medical term for excess breast formation in men. The cause is usually unknown. Breast growth occurs in about 50% of all men. This can be a serious problem for many men. The surplus adipose tissue can be removed with the help of a breast reduction operation. The most commonly used breast-reducing treatment methods include liposuction, liposculpture or subcutaneous removal of glandular tissue.

Types of Breast Formation

Depending on age, breast formation in men occurs in two types. Young men who are in puberty and have excess breast formation. The breast formation disappears spontaneously as they get older and need no treatment. Breast forming in middle-aged men. They have no choice but to undergo a breast-reducing operation.

Causes Breast Formation in Men

The cause is usually unknown. The breast size changes without reason but in certain cases a specific cause can be determined, such as problems with the thyroid gland, liver disease, through the use of drugs such as steroids.

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The Breast Reduction Operation

On average, the breast reduction operation takes one and a half hours. The plastic surgeon makes an incision around the areola, to the breast fold and sometimes also in the fold itself. Fat and skin tissue are carefully removed, after which the plastic surgeon secures the nipple and areola to the desired height. In most cases, the nipple remains connected to nerve bundles and blood vessels.

Male Breast Growth (Gynecomastia)

Treatment - Male Breast Growth (Gynecomastia)

There is no medical reason for treatment of Gynecomastia, if not subjective. Gynecomastia of known cause is treated primarily by eliminating the cause.

Gynecomastia of unknown cause is treated with surgical removal of the enlarged breast tissue. If you just want reduction of the mammary gland, I'll do the treatment myself.

In some cases, where there is also growth of adipose tissue around the enlarged gland, treatment with liposuction may be possible. combined with surgical removal of the enlarged gland may be preferable.

If you want to reduce skin excess or nipple size, our plastic surgeons can also help with this.

The surgery

The excess tissue is removed via a cut in the edges of the nipple. The operation may take place in local or full anesthesia according to the patient's wishes.

After the Breast Reduction

The first days after the operation your breasts are still connected, so you can not immediately see the result of breast reduction. However, the dressing is changed after a few days. From that moment on you wear a special bra, which you must keep wearing until the swelling and bruising have disappeared.

Your breasts will feel sore a few weeks after breast reduction. The swelling may make your breasts numb for the first time. Do not worry about that. With most women, the feeling comes back after a few weeks or months. In extreme cases, it can take longer.

Lose Man Boobs

You can get back to work about two weeks after breast reduction. Keep in mind that you can not lift heavy things for the first three to four weeks. Try to take as much rest as possible. If possible, arrange some extra help at home. After the breast-reducing operation, your body needs time to recover completely. The scars that are initially red and swollen will become increasingly blurred after weeks or months.

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