How to Grow a Nice Beard

What men can do to Stimulate Beard Growth

Many women find it attractive when men leave a beard and men are aware of this. Where does the difference come from beard growth in men? Beard Growth Spray helps you grow more facial hair Some men have a full-grown beard at puberty, while some men have to wait a few more years after puberty.

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What are factors that influence beard growth?

Beard growth can vary from man to man. The hair grows through 'androgens', hormones that are more abundant in men than in women. Hereditary genes also play a major role, so origin also plays a role. In terms of hereditary genes, the number of male hormones that is produced during puberty (the amount of testosterone and androgens) in relation to beard growth, men who produce a lot of testosterone will be able to leave a mature beard relatively early. On ethnicity, men with dark hair have a fuller beard faster than other men, and northern European men often only a few years after puberty.

What can you do yourself to influence beard growth?

You can not change anything about your origin. However, there are some possibilities to increase the amount of male hormones in your body.


An agent that was used to treat high blood pressure soon became apparent that it also stimulated hair growth because the supply of blood to the hair shaft was improved. When you want to start with this, keep in mind that it is relatively expensive and can have unpleasant side effects. It is wise to consult your doctor, otherwise the scientific effect has never been proven.

Have more sexual intercourse

Sexual intercourse stimulates testosterone production in men, men who have sex more often have a higher testosterone level because the seed production remains active.

Enough night's sleep is important

Poor sleepers have a low testosterone level, the testosterone level in men is highest after about six hours of sleep. A few hours after the six hours of sleep, testosterone levels will only do well. A good night's sleep is related to the prevention of stress, stress can cause hair loss and will have a diminishing effect on your beard growth.

Do not drink too much alcohol

That alcohol is unhealthy is known. The production of testosterone is drastically reduced by its use. Testosterone is produced in the testicles, alcohol damages the cells that produce the product and can temporarily reduce the production of testosterone. The harmful effect is increased with three or more glasses of alcohol per day.

Eat healthy

Healthy food helps our body stay strong. A substance such as diindolymethane, or DIM, is known as plant matter that indirectly increases testosterone production. This substance can be found in cauliflower and syringes, but especially in broccoli. A number of vitamins also have a positive influence on beard growth, especially vitamins B6, C and E. These vitamins can be found in, for example, Biotin, a dietary supplement.

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Do sports, especially strength training

Strength training increases the testosterone level because several muscle groups have to make great efforts. The more effort is made, the more testosterone is produced. It is especially important for strength training to train the large muscle groups as legs, chest and back. When doing strength training, keep in mind that you are doing short sets with a relatively large amount of weight, this ensures the highest effort, training several times a week will cause the testosterone level to rise, which ultimately influences your beard growth (and muscle growth). Natural production is increasing, testosterone is also a hormone that has a major influence on muscle growth.

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How to maintain your beard

There are several ways to maintain your beard, firstly you could comb the beard to prevent the development of tangles. Then anoint with beard oil, which nourishes your hair and maintains your skin, especially during the evening before bedtime. Obviously, the beard must stay on a good length, you will have to decide for yourself how often you remove your beard (partially). Do not be afraid, he will come back anyway!