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They say "No Pain No Gain" but I wonder what could be gained when you have back pain and this is what I found: low self-confidence, tiredness, hopelessness, laziness, feeling old, depressive state, inefficient, restrictions, less activities, less going out and so on. Simply put, nothing good comes out of it!

Trust me, I know what it's like to go through all of these at the same time. There is nothing good to hold on to amidst the excruciating pain. While doctors have given medications and diagnosis, it doesn't always work. Sleeping more, trying to maintain a good posture, exercising, massage and drugs...all these were tried but in vain. Plus, I refuse to rely on medications. I believe that there is always a natural way out. The fact of the matter is if you don't tackle the root cause, you are simply not attacking the issue! In this article, you will get an opportunity on how to get rid of back pain FAST, or even instantly!


Jimmy was at the end of the ropes and just when he was about to throw the towel, he received his breakthrough. A bit more on that later. For some context, Jimmy was a 49-year old bus driver and like all bus drivers, he is always sitting and driving routinely everyday. This caused him a lot of backache and he was advised by doctors to change careers or he would end up in a wheelchair. Giving up his career was not something he was ready to accept because this would mean no pension from the bus company despite his long service.

He tried multiple things, drugs, prescriptions, therapy, surgery and so on but nothing was rectifying his pain and hunched posture. There came a point of time after his surgery where the doctor was suggesting to mechanically brace his spine with metal rods and bone grafts but the procedure was really painful, even before starting any surgery. THAT WAS IT! Jimmy could not take it anymore!

Miraculous as it sounds, came a recommendation for him to go and visit the most-sought after back pain expert, Ian Hart. Ian Hart is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) with numerous industry certifications and qualifications under his belt.

How to get rid of back pain fast - Testimony

The BIG reveal: Ian taught Jimmy about his REVOLUTIONARY DISCOVERY

of the real causes of his back pain & MOST IMPORTANTLY,

taught him step-by-step how to get rid of back pain FAST AT HOME!

Ian Hart received Jimmy in a pretty bad shape. Now Ian has his own healing story of his own, originating from Serbia but he shared his revolutionary discovery with Jimmy about the real causes of back pain. According to him, most of the backaches are due to "Muscle Imbalance" in the body. It requires an understanding of biomechanics, anatomy and physiology, knowledge which most healthcare might not possess all together.

Muscle Imbalance occurs when one side of your body is over-worked while the opposite side is under-worked. For example, as per the illustration on the left, sitting at the desk in that position for long periods of time will cause muscle imbalance and hence, back pain for many people in a sedentary occupation. This is what muscle imbalance can do:

  • shuts off blood flow, preventing oxygen and other vital nutrients from reach your back
  • repetitive work combined with this reduced flow of blood and oxygen can cause neuromuscular disconnect
  • Injuries springing up at the affected area

Ian Hart's method then attacks the root cause head on by providing techniques to redress the muscle balance to fix the back pain upper or lower, easy to implement home remedy.

The 8 simple and easy-to-do movements that

helped Jimmy to get rid of his back pain instantly!

Ian led Jimmy through his signature session of 8 simple movements that brought the so desirable healing to Jimmy's back, restoring his blood flow and muscle balance.

The 8 movements, each done in 2 minutes, have very specific and precise purposes to unlock and heal specific areas of the body and finally after 16 minutes doing those, you will unlock a brand new back for yourself. Explanations of each movements and what they do can be found at the following link or clicking the button below. You will also be able to read in more details the miraculous stories of Jimmy and Ian Hart. This is the ultimate answer on how to get rid of back pain fast at home!

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This incredible program will allow you to recover from your back pain without needing me. In fact, you just need a laptop, a place to lie down, a firm pillow or towel to put under your head, and a chair. That's it! The laptop is just to see and replicate the movements from the videos but once you have mastered the movements fully, you can even throw that out of the way. All done in the comfort of your home, room, hotel and all the like! Introducing the BACK PAIN RELIEF...

how to get rid of back pain fast - end

With Back Pain Relief, you can say GOODBYE to:

  • Excruciating back pain
  • The chances of being bedridden
  • Not being able to work
  • Taking pain-killers
  • Expensive Surgery and massages
  • Expensive Electrical stimulation machines
  • Expensive chiropractor sessions
  • Doctors' appointments- an absolute time-saver

With Back Pain Relief, you can say HELLO to:

  • Pain Free
  • 100% off medications
  • Able to work without any discomfort
  • Restoration of back health
  • Restoring flexibility
  • Flooding your back with healing nutrients
  • The freedom to move and go out
  • More confidence
  • Ability to perform movements, anywhere anytime
how to get rid of back pain instantly - happy

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If you want to see more raving reviews, click HERE and scroll to the very bottom where you will see Ian Hart's caricature. You will have a link to a 38 minutes video of satisfied clients testifying about their genuine transformations.

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  • Begin your Day program

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Ian Hart literally took all the risk off your chest to make it as irresistible as possible. If you are not satisfied with the program with whatever reason, just ask for a full refund and you will be refunded, with no questions asked! You will even get to keep the program as a token of appreciation for giving it a try.

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