How to Get Out of the Friend Zone

If you're wondering how to get out of the friend zone then you're not alone. But like the majority of guys- you're probably doing it all wrong.

The first step in getting out of the friend zone like solving most problems is admitting that you're the one that put yourself in the friend zone- not your crush.

Many times the girl was waiting for you to take the right steps, say the right things, but you just didn't do it.

Girls want guys that can make sex happen. They want to wake up the next day and explain to their friend that it just kind of happened. When they are forced and cornered- they run away like a wild animal.

Nice Guy Behavior and the Friend Zone

When you put a girl on a pedestal or you put the "pussy" on a pedestal- that will kill your chances with a girl. Life isn't a romantic comedy when you're in the real world. Nice guys are not going to get the girl. Ever.

Don't tell her how you feel.

When you treat a girl like she is above you- all the attraction on her end is lost. Girls will test how much power they can take from you right from the start. Whether it is asking you to immediately buy a drink or help them with something.

Now the answer is not to be combative but to have effective counter measures for this type of behavior.

Nice guy mistakes like doing her favors that are not reciprocated- puts more value on her than ourselves.

Girls want to go to her friends and show off a guy that is "above her." But when she has the power- she knows she is above you.

A girl will often put you through hoops and puts her in the power position.

You need to make her jump through your hoops too. A simple way to counter this bad behavior from girls is to say I'll do X if you do Y.

For example, when a girl asks for a drink at a bar, you can just say sure- but can you get a us a table or sing the first verse of in da club by 50 cent.

You can't come across as too eager to please her, you need to get her doing things to like you. And as she does more things for you-she starts to convince herself that she likes you step by step.

So how do you turn the tables on her? How do you get out of the friend zone?

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