How to Brush Your Teeth

For many people, they actually don’t know how to brush their teeth. The way you brush your teeth can determine your oral health, and toothbrush bristles can aid to this damage if you’re not careful. There is a right way and a wrong way to brush, and while you can talk to your Roseburg dentist to ensure that it is right, if you can’t get in right away, here is the best way to do so.

The wrong way to brush is a back and forth motion that is like a saw. However, this is actually what everyone does, and often, many people tend to brush way too fast with this. The problem, is that when you do this you’re actually brushing away the enamel that you need on the teeth. The sawing motion is actually abrasive to the gums and teeth, and it’ll age your teeth prematurely. If you do this as well, it’ll strip the enamel, and that will make it much more sensitive. This method doesn’t clean effectively as well. The bristles are bouncing back and forth, going from one tooth to the other, not touching the spaces. The spaces need to be cleaned to prevent gum disease. If you brush in a sawing motions, you won’t get in between, and in essence, you’re missing the full goal of this whole thin by doing that method.

There is a proper way to do this though, and it’s so easy that you might not think you’re cleaning the teeth when you do it, but it is definitely doing a whole lot of good for you. It’ isn’t easy to relearn how to brush your teeth as well, since it’s a technique you’ve used all your life. But by using the brush in the hand you’re not dominant with, you’ll be able to relearn the habit, and it’ll help with the results.

To do this, you simply put the toothbrush over the teeth and wiggle it a little bit, making sure that the bristles do cover the tooth as they move around the sides as well. Essentially, you want the bristles to move into the spaces between the teeth, in order to ensure that the plaque and food particles are fully removed as you brush.

Once you finish that, move our toothbrush to the next set and do the same, jiggling the brush and getting in between the teeth. Do this throughout the entire mouth, until you have everything fully covered.

This is the correct way to brush your teeth, and you’ll actually get noticeable results from all of this the next time that you go in. Yes, this does take a little bit, but if you do this, it’ll change your life.

Remember, the harder and faster brushing might seem effective, but if you’re brushing too hard, you’re actually contributing to the buildup between the gums and the teeth. Letting these build up over time will cause you more problems as well, and if you do this properly, you’ll be able to take full advantage of this. The best part about this is that it doesn’t matter how long you’ve brushed your teeth, you can always fix it. You won’t have to live with brushing your teeth the wrong way, for you can fix it immediately with the technique. It’s best if you take it slow though, don’t rush it, and try to work on relearning it, and do make sure you’re not trying to saw back and forth, but instead, you’ll wiggle the plaque and such off of your teeth.

This is a technique that you can talk to your Roseburg dentist about. It’ll save your teeth from further damage and even sensitivity, and it can slow down the aging process of your teeth dramatically. You owe it to yourself to have the best oral health possible, and you can totally do so by making sure that you brush right. You can talk to your Roseburg dentist for further help on learning this sort of technique, understanding how to use it, and also the benefits of it, so that you feel like you have more of a reason to use the technique.