Khoury, Houtaf (b. 1967, Tripoli)

Lebanese composer of mostly orchestral, chamber, choral, vocal, and piano works that have been performed in Asia, Europe and the Middle East. Mr Khoury studied piano with Abdelhaq Masri before leaving to Ukraine where he studied composition with Yuri Ishenko at the National Music Academy of Ukraine in Kyiv from 1988-97, where he earned his MMus with distinction in 1993 and his PhD in 1997 with Professor Ivan kotlyarevsky. His music has been performed in Belarus, Brazil, Ecuador, Egypt, El- Salvador, Cuba, France, Germany, Austria Italy, Lebanon, Mexico, Peru, Russia, Switzerland, Ukraine, Qatar, Belgium, Norway, Spain, UK, and the USA,Greece, Cyprus, ..etc. In addition, he has written two books "La Musique au Liban entre 1943-1985 " (1996, National Music Academy of Ukraine) and "Les Deux Tendances Stylistiques dans la Musique Symphonique Libanaise" (1997, National Music Academy of Ukraine). He collaborate with excellent orchestras , quartets and performers , Among The Bamberger Symphoniker , Ukrainian State Orchestra, The Kharkov Philharmonic orchestra, Qatar Philharmonic , Mannheim Chamber Orchestra , Lebanese National Philharmonic Orchestra,Wissam Boustany , Dimitri Ashkenazy , Joan Illuna , Ha - Na Chang, Pierre-Dominique Ponnelle , Juan Carlos Garvayo, Volodymyr Sirenko , Leonardo Muzii,Dante Quartet , Brodsky Quartet , Quartet Alter Ego , Member of Luzern Orchestra, Weimar piano quartet, Robert Plane , Joachim Kwetzinsky, Fadia Tomb El-Hage, Andrea Bischoff Isabel Villanueva & Tatiana Primak Khoury. The recordings of his flute concerto, flute sonata & third piano sonata on Nimbus Alliance & Grand piano/Naxos were highly praised and received by the critics.


Kharkov Philharmonic

JUNE 17 ,2017

Houtaf Khoury


"Street of dreams"-Улица мечтаний"

"World premiere"

Dedicated to YURI YANKO



March 10, 2017 - BEIRUT (LEBANON)

Lebanon Philharmonic Orchestra

Houtaf Khoury

Concerto for viola and orchestra No.3

"Lost to this world"

(world premiere)


Isabel Villanueva

Conductor : Jordi Mora

Venue : St. Josef Church des Pères Jésuites

Concerto for Theremin and Chamber orchestra

" Lumière dans la nuit"

"Première Mondiale "

Thorwald Jogensen ( Theremin)

Antalya State Orchestra

March 30 , 2018

Piano Sonata N.4 " Desolation"

Piano - Tatiana Primak Khoury

November 27-2017


Piano Sonata N.4 " Desolation"

Piano - Tatiana Primak Khoury

December 14 , 2017

Ebikon - Switzerland

"Au delà de L'instant"

for Oboe & string Quintet Oboe Andrea Bischoff Violin 1 Manuel Druminski Violin 2 Christina Gallati Viola Alexander Besa Violoncello Jonas Vichi Bass Randy Barboza Grafenort -Luzern

Mai 21- 2018