Houston Office Rent

Five Tips When Shopping for a New Office

Houston office space must be one of the most careful choices a business owner makes. The features, size and location all decide how functional it is and the impression clients get when they walk through the door. Not all office spaces are the same and not every company has the same needs. Here are five tips to guarantee the property chosen is the right one.

Check the Location

A safe neighborhood protects the business, the employees and the clients. There must also be adequate parking nearby, easy access to public transportation and amenities like restaurants and banks. Do not only tour the office space. Walk around the exterior of the building and the neighborhood too.

Examine the Building

Look at shared spaces like elevators, hallways and entrance halls. Carefully examine the exterior to make certain the building is clean and well-maintained. Ask about the security and if there are any services like a front reception office and if there is access to the office 24-hours a day.

Know Your Needs

Consider storage requirements, employee needs like break rooms and privacy for training and meeting with clients. Look at the natural and artificial light, available windows and the view from the windows. Leave enough room for some growth, but do not waste money on a large office space due to unrealistic expectations.

Check the Competition

Know what type of businesses populate the area. Try to avoid an office too close to a major competitor. The move could seem aggressive and result in an uncomfortable competition that will not help anyone. The proximity also enables them to see everything their competition is doing.

Think About Everything

Know who pays for the utilities, the maintenance and security. A move can mean new furniture, construction costs to make the office functional and downtime during the move. Calculate all these expenses along with the cost of the move. Compare the fee for the space and make certain it is fair compared to the average houston office rent fee.

An office influences how people feel about a company. The quality of the surroundings can affect employee efficiency and mood. Clients may see a small, dark office as unprofessional but may feel a lavish office space is wasteful. Look for what matches the company image and provides for all its needs.