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We offer fair cash values for homes in Houston!

Sell My House Easy Fast is a real estate investor network company that helps distressed homeowners sell their home. Homeowners can get a fair cash offer and close on the home in 7 days or less without having to pay for repairs, closing costs, or agent commissions.

How We can help

Going through divroce?

Divorce can be a really tough subject, and often times it ends with settlements that require assets to be liquidated and split. In the case with property, it can be difficult to liquidate if the couple doesn't have the funds to properly prepare the home for top dollar. Without being able to make repairs, get photography done, staging, and time to list on the MLS, it's difficult to hold leverage when negotiating prices. And it can also take a lot of time. We can help make that process easier with our cash offers so that they don't have to go through the entire process of traditional real estate sales.

Going through foreclosure?

Foreclosure is a very time sensitive event. Depending on the state, foreclosure can occur within 15 to 60 days of being late or defaulting on a mortgage. When this happens, the home goes to auction and the homeowner loses the entire property with no cash in their pocket for the equity they've built. Usually the homeowner thinks about listing with a real estate agent to sell before the time is up, but it can be difficult since selling traditionally can take anywhere from 30-60 days, often too long to avoid foreclosure. That's where a real estate investor like us can come in and close within 7 days and leave the homeowner with cash in their pocket.


Inherited homes can often be a burden for the inheritor(s). If it's a single inheritor and they live far away from the property, then it's more of a burden to travel to the home, assess it, rent it out or sell it through listings.

We help relieve the burden of inherited homes or homes that owners have aged out of by making a cash transaction and purchasing the home outright as-is.


Vacant homes tend to depreciate very quickly because they are generally not being maintained. As the depreciation continues, the home can eventually get to a point where it needs to be torn down, leaving the homeowner with no returns on the property.

We like to help homeowners get rid of vacant homes by purchasing it as-is, similar to inheritance cases.


Dilapidated homes are very similar to vacant homes, in that they are not being maintained, and have made it to a stage where it's uninhabitable due to the state its in. These properties often require substantial repairs which the homeowner is unable or unwilling to invest.

We purchase dilapidated homes and help the homeowner escape the rabbit hole of constant repairs with some cash.