OL Plus is a combination of three leading Lecturers with their own individual base of students from Colombo. During the pandemic in 2020 the three lecturers (also known as The Trio) joined hands to amplify their efforts and serve the students in a better way. What started as a innovative step got an immense popularity immediately which was evident by the 3000+ student base from all around the country they had in 2020. Needless to say everything done by the OL Plus became an instant success thanks to the love and support of parents and students alike.


This was another first time attempt by the trio to rejuvenate the online studies as students all over has started to feel monatonus due to no proper interactive study space for almost 2 years.

This was created with an aim of improving the studies and also the creative sides of the students and let them become more enthusiastic and adapt to the online education which had inevitably become the future.

WHAT IS #HouseMasterMaths

The Trifecta Championship consist of three houses found by the 3 founder members of OL Plus.

House MasterMaths is the most popular of the three houses and is mentored by Rizlan Hassan.