Prayer Guides

Prayer Guides

At our core, we desire to lead individuals in the place of intimacy and prayer. As we put together resources we will share them here for your use. Feel free to download and share. Our copy right is the right to copy! All for God's Glory!

Back to School Prayer Guides

Click here for the prayer guides used for this year's Back to School Prayer Walk!

Setting Goals with Jesus Resources

On January 21 we finished our 2 week series on Setting Goals with Jesus. Here are a few resources to help you set + achieve your goals.

  • The Prayer Prompter App
  • The Read Scripture App
  • Take a blank calendar and write down things you prayed for or praises that you have. Then when prayers are answered, you can look back and highlight, giving a visual to God's faithfulness in your life.

Apostolic Prayer

Christ is our greatest role model for how to live a life of prayer - often withdrawing in private to converse with his Father, being open in his dependency of the Father in his public ministry (for example, his giving thanks to God over the five loaves and two fishes) and frequently praying as death drew near. He also taught his disciples how to pray with the great model prayer that we know today as the Lord's Prayer. The letters of Paul give us a glimpse into Paul's prayer life - he is often in intercession for the churches that he is in contact with and his prayer life is an inspiring model for how we can pray for one another. Further down this page are examples of his prayers as well as early recorded prayers by the Apostles Peter and John.


F.E.L.L.O.W.S.H.I.P. Prayer Guide

Ten prayers to receive strength in the inner man. FELLOWSHIP stands for: F - Fear of God, E - Endurance, L - Love, L - Light of glory, O - One thing life focus, W - Count me worthy, S - Speech, H - Humility, I - Insight unto intimacy (wisdom), P - Peace and Joy


Hymns of Revelation

Prayers, praises and hymns sung to the Lord from the angels found in Revelations.


Personal Prayer

You will need: a Bible, paper, a pen and a trash basket. Ask God to help you pray and read the Lords prayer in Matthew 6:9-15


Human Trafficking Prayer

Guide includes prayers for the victims, the traffickers, government, root causes, increased global awareness, the church and the A21 Campaign.


Praying for Your City

You will need: a pen, paper and your imagination. Imagine Jesus shows up at your door, and asks you to show Him around.


Praying for Your Nation

You will need: A national newspaper, a pair of scissors, glue or tape, a window and/or a cell phone screen, a picture of your national leader and a map or drawing of your nation.