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To Choose The Right House, You Need To Pay Attention To The House And The Plot In Parts

Fence & Gates

It is best to consider a house in the cold season. What for? In winter, it is best to see the defects that were committed during construction. For example, if the fence of the house being inspected is skewed, then the pillars have lost their stamina for several years. Why is this happening? When the earth freezes, the pillars willy-nilly are pushed out and weaken. In order to avoid curvature, the pits must be deeper than the freezing level of the soil. If the fence is old, but straight, then at the time it was done correctly. The same with the gate. If they are unstable, then they built them in the summer and did not take into account the characteristics of the winter climate and soil.

Walls Examine both internal walls and exterior In almost every house there is a hole in the outer wall where you can see from what and how it is arranged. Ask the owner of the house to show you it. If he has nothing to hide, he will not refuse. Let's list the main characteristics that affect the thermal conductivity and strength of the house. The most important thing to consider is the thickness. The average figure depends on the type of building material in the house and the climate conditions. The house can be built from one layer of brick, but if other materials are used for insulation, it will be difficult to freeze in winter. Do not forget about the inner bearing walls. Each case must be considered separately and make a conclusion. Calm will turn to a specialist.

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If you see falling off plaster on the walls of the house, most likely the drainage system is bad and it will have to be mounted. If the house is new, poor drainage might not have time to betray itself. The dangers are even greater if the land is clayey, in winter such soil can rise as a yeast dough. In any case, you need to check.

How to do it?

Ask the owner what type of drainage system he used to build the house: wall or trench. Wall drainage is done at the stage of foundation construction and if the house has a basement or a basement. It is better, when the drainage is below the floor level in the basement, otherwise the ground / storm water can get there.

Trench drainage is better suited if the basement / socle is not, and the land on the plot is clayey. Such a drainage is done at a distance of one and a half to three meters from the foundation of the house.

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If the windows in the house are skewed, then there are problems with the foundation: most likely the ground is mobile. The same rule works with doors. If all the doors in the house are skewed, it is better not to buy such a house at all.

What else needs to be considered?

Pay attention to which side of the world the windows of the house are looking at, then not to face the abundance or, on the contrary, the lack of sunlight. If you buy a house in the northern latitudes, it's best when the windows are located on the south side. If in the southern latitudes, the windows should be on the north.

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If it is, it is excellent, but still do not rush to rejoice. Pay attention to the location. If the garage is located in the backyard, in winter it will be hard for you to clean snow for the car's passage. If the garage is attached to the house, also think a hundred times: you cannot make noise (any car owner understands that this is sometimes inevitable) when someone is sleeping in the house. View the options for the houses you can in the section - buy a cottage in Moscow .

What Else To Consider When Choosing A Home?

Often, everyday problems become a headache for the owners of the house. What do we mean? Let's see:

Neighbors: You can change the roof, fence, gate. You can even demolish the house and build a new one. But you cannot change your neighbors, so find out in advance what kind of people they are. Sometimes a family finds an ideal home, moves there, but eventually realizes that they are not "threatened" with a happy life because of their neighbors. Someone steals a crop from a kitchen garden, someone complains of you to the district police on trifles: the reasons always will be. Wall yourself out of this before buying a house.

Noises: Is there a railway near the house? Or near the airport? If you are planning to move to a completely new place, find out all about the surroundings, so that at night you cannot wake up from the sound of a flying plane.

Infrastructure: Even if you have a car and visits to food do not constitute work for you, this is no reason not to pay attention to the availability of shops and public transport stops.

The Planning: If there is a possibility of redevelopment - this is a plus. Who knows what will happen in a year or two. Maybe you will not feel comfortable and want to change the situation, even if at the time of purchase everything seems ideal.

The way your future home will be depends on how you will use it: as a permanent home or a dacha. When choosing a house, first of all listen to your intuition. It is she who will tell you whether to buy housing, or to continue searching. Everything else depends on your wallet and passions.


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