The Houndsman XP Podcast is a weekly podcast for the Xtreme Performance Houndsman. We cover a wide range of topics pertaining to the "Houndsman Lifestyle". We will discuss legendary breeders and the hounds they hunt, conservation issues, wildlife management and the ongoing battle to preserve our freedoms of free casting hounds in pursuit of the most exciting game animals on earth; lions, bear, raccoon, bobcats and more.

The greatest reward of being a podcast creator is meeting the people and rekindling long standing friendships that share our passion for the Houndsman Lifestyle - and it is a lifestyle. Any other pursuit, in the realm of hunting, does not have the deep commitment that being a houndsman does. Any other hunter can hang a bow on the wall and not look at it for days or put a gun in the safe and it will be there where it was placed. Hounds require daily care that one cannot escape. As houndsmen, we are caring for a living creature and developing deep bonds with the hounds we care so much about. Although the lifestyle we lead can be life threatening to man and beast, a true houndsman puts the life and safety of his hound above his own. A houndsman feeds his hound before himself, he will ensure his hound has medical care even if it means driving to the vet with the flu, or scaling cliffs or wading through snake infested swamps to get to his partner. There is no season to look forward to for the houndsmen, we live it every day. It is our lifestyle.

Join us for epic adventures into the world of coon hunting, bear hunting, lion hunting, bobcat hunting and the ethical pursuit of game with hounds in the most challenging landscapes on earth.