ABOUT Hot Summer Gays

HSG is a collaborative event series showcasing the best queer music, art, and performance

held annually during summer in Madison, WI. HSG is planned and produced by:



JUNE 14 // Saint Saunter (DJ - Madison), Clint Taurus (Drag - Madison), Cyrus K Stratton (Drag - Madison)

JULY 19 // Saint Saunter (DJ - Madison), DJ Millbot (Madison), DJ Kalycho (Madison), DJ Claire Dactyl (Milwaukee), DJ Daossier (Milwaukee)

JULY 20 // Gender Confetti!!! (Madison), 90sdreamboy (Madison), NatanYael (Minneapolis), SYM1 (Minneapolis), Lucky fka Joey Broyles (Madison), Cal Smith (Comedy - Madison)

AUGUST 16 // Saint Saunter (DJ - Madison), DJ Femme Noir (Madison), Drag Artists

AUGUST 17 // God-Des, DJ Keezy (Minneapolis), Saint Saunter (DJ - Madison), Dequadray (Madison), Kilo Skitl'z (Madison), DJ Kalycho (Madison)


JULY 7 // E.T. (Minneapolis), Clean Room (Madison), Dana Perry (Madison), The Upside (Milwaukee), Glassmen (Madison), DJ Boyfrrriend (Madison)

AUGUST 24 // DJ 88 (Milwaukee), Cameron Butler / C.A.M. (Madison), Landon DeVon (Madison), Kilo aka Skitl’z (Madison), Dequadray White (Madison), DJ Daossier (Milwaukee)

AUGUST 25 // DJ Hitachii (Madison), Venus in Furs (Madison), Gender Confetti!!! (Madison), Call them Q (Madison), Lyv Jaxyn (Madison), DJ Kalycho (Madison)


JULY 8 // DJ Millbot (Madison), Zed Kenzo (Milwaukee), Rio Turbo (Milwaukee), Sassy Come Home (Madison), Imaginary Watermelon (Madison), Ladyscissors (Madison)

AUGUST 19 // Olyvia Jaxyn (Madison), Kilo aka Skitl’z (Madison), Tiny Dinosaur (Madison), Anney Tripp (Viroqua), Glassmen (Madison), Midas Bison (Madison), DJ Boyfrrriend (Madison)