Which Web Hosting Services Do You Recommend? HostGator!

If you want to hire a service of web hosting that is affordable, reliable, and prefer to save many problems and headaches, I recommend without a doubt the one we've used for a while and many other fellow webmasters and owners of web sites visited daily by many Users: Hostgator.

* Hostgator, who are they?

Hostgator is a provider of hosting the United States, whose web servers are also in the USA.

* What do I get with Hostgator?

Hostgator offers disk space and unlimited bandwidth.

Hostgator provides us with the web control panel called cPanel , one of the simplest and most used. You can try a demo by clicking the option Try Demo in Control Panel Easy on your home page.

They also offer the possibility to install with just a few clicks from WordPress blogs to different sets of web forums (phpBB, MyBB, etc.) content management systems (Joomla, Drupal, Moodle, etc.) apart from many other software .

Something very important and yet not usually taken into account (until it comes to questions or problems): the customer service from Hostgator is simply unbeatable, since it is only by email as with other hosting providers but we also have a customer service through its Live chat , which I assure you from personal experience that the treatment is most helpful, friendly and most importantly effective.

* Is everything sounds great … something else I should know?

There is only one thing you can be a language problem and, as the website of Hostgator is English, and their customer service via chat has few (sometimes none) that you can attend is Spanish.

Moreover, although the web control panel by default is in English, since the right choice can change the language to Spanish (among many others available), which do not cause any problems in the management of web sites hosted .

Another thing that is not a problem but I do keep in mind is that to hire a web host, one must have ownership (which I also happen to have with any other web hosting service ), you can hire both from them and with any other provider domains on the Internet.

* What if my contract and then not convinced?

Hostgator offers a guarantee of 45 days , after which if we are not satisfied with the service (very unlikely) to request cancellation and pay us back.

* What kind of hosting should I choose?

Different types of hosting in Hostgator are:

- Web Hosting : the most basic service, but large enough to accommodate websites. The web server is shared by multiple websites. Recommended.

- VPS Hosting (Virtual Private Network) is a virtual server within a physical server, which is housed other VPS.

- Dedicated Servers (dedicated server): hire a server that we manage and use only. It’s the most expensive of all.

Within the web hosting plans you can choose between the Hatchling, Baby and Business. We recommend the Baby plan because it allows to host several domains (so that you can have several websites in the same space hosting ). If your idea is to set up a virtual store online you should choose the plan Business, since it includes an SSL security certificate.

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