Hostgator 1 Cent Coupons 2021

Hostgator 1 Cent Coupon - a listing of the highest user rated hostgator coupons of 2021. Enter "HGBAYOU1CENT" at checkout to get 1 cent hosting.

Instructions (To Claim Your FREE Month of Hostgator Webhosting):

Note: this coupon currently works for both the Hatchling and Baby Shared Plans. To receive the "1 penny hosting" offer you must uncheck the additional SiteLock and Sitebackup addons.

Additional coupons:

  • HGBAYOU25OFF - 25% off promo for all shared hosting and vps plans

  • HGBAYOURESELLER25 - 25% discount code for all reseller hosting packages with hostgator

Hostgator 1 Cent Coupon

Our Review of Hostgator Webhosting 2018

Hostgator is one of the oldest hosting services in the business. Created in 2002, the company is based in both Utah and Texas. Their data centers are located in these two areas, but they serve customers all over the world. Hostgator has managed to provide great customer support, stellar uptime and performance, and a number of affordable plans for users of all budgets. Setting up a site with their service is easy, only requiring that you choose a plan and a site structure. Using coupons, you can save even more on your Hostgator costs, which makes this company even more appealing.

Hostgator Review

On the whole, the company provides a rating of 5/5 stars with a highly positive user feedback rating. Starting at $4 per month, their shared hosting plans are quite affordable. Their average loading time is about 900ms for the less expensive plans, and their uptime is nearly a full 100%. This makes them one of the more reliable and highly recommended hosts on the market.

Hostgator Plans and Pricing

Hostgator has three major hosting plans for shared web hosting. The basic plan starts at $4 monthly and gives you a single domain with unlimited subdomains, storage, and disk space. The second plan starts at $6 monthly and gives you unlimited domain names, bandwidth, and storage. The business plan is the same as the second plan except you also get a dedicated IP, toll free number, and SSL for if you plan to support such needs.

Hostgator Features

Hostgator has a number of features for their shared plans including HTTP audio and video streaming, weekly backups, IMAP checks of up to 30 per hour, and both Windows and Linux hosting options. Additional features include a 45 day guarantee for your money back, top tech support, pricing plans that affordable and easy to sign up for, and numerous packages. They also include domain renewals automatically and unlimited disk space and bandwidth.

Hostgator Coupons

Hostgator is known for running a number of seasonal specials where you can find discounts and coupons. They often have starting coupons as well, such as a basic coupon for your first month of hosting at one cent. You can also find coupons for 25% off all purchases, discounts on your signup plan when you pay annual vs. monthly fees, and additional discounts as well. Using Hostgator coupons is a great way to save more in the long run.

Additional Features

In addition to the perks mentioned above, Hostgator features Wordpress and Joomla hosting, wiki hosting, Magento, and other e-commerce site options. They will provide full cPanel access as well as number of free benefits. These include a free site builder with templates, 50 or more free scripts for instant installation, unlimited FTP and email accounts, and unmetered bandwidth. You’ll also get a 99 percent uptime guarantee, unlimited MySQL databases, frontage extension support, SSH access, plenty of compatible programming languages, and more.

Hostgator also offers spam protection and auto responder support, monitoring of your servers around the clock, and a helpful support system.

Customer Support

If you have a hard time at any point during your setup, Hostgator has a full team on call ready to go. One of the main reasons this company has done so well since 2002 is because of its great customer service. Their reps are friendly, knowledgeable, and ready to help out with any issues you might have. They also provide access to a knowledge base where you can get live support for any of your current questions or concerns.

Security Features

One of the most important points of signing up with any web host is knowing you will be protected in the event of a server attack. Hostgator provides real time malware protection services, live backups, and secure encryption of your data when it is sent over the web. Hostgator also makes sure that your site is frequently checked for attacks by malware and other potential problems so you can address them right away.

cPanel Support

An important part of using any web hosting system is easy access to cPanel, the industry standard. You will get access to major features like cron jobs and pages for errors, but you should be aware that it is only a limited amount of access for each segment of your server. You will need to go deeper into the system’s resources to customize your site beyond what Hostgator offers.

Site Building Options

It’s very important to be able to set up your site quickly and easily. Thankfully, Hostgator lets you do this using a simple site builder that makes it easy to build and set up your site in just a few minutes. No matter what you revel of experience, Hostgator’s site builder makes it easy to quickly get your web presence established and up on the web for all to see.

Reliability and Performance

Hostgator offers very good performance and reliability, with sites staying up at least 98% of the time. Any time a blip in the server occurs and your site goes down, they will alert you to the problem and quickly get it restored. This makes Hostgator’s reliability and performance rating quite good.

User Feedback

Those who use Hostgator generally always leave good reviews and ratings. Users say that the service is speedy and reliable but also affordable. In addition, one user pointed out that through Hostgator, she was finally able to maintain a steady strong web presence for over 2 years. Before, she had dealt with major issues with all her web hosts such as an inability to stay online or a general reluctance in helping customers find the answers they needed. She also liked how willing the company was to help her find discounts and pricing reductions.


Hostgator is a great choice for anyone seeking affordable web hosting, regardless of your experience level. The company provides solid, secure web hosting at an affordable rate. In addition, the use of coupons allows you to save even more when you first sign up or as time goes on when applying new codes to your purchases. We give Hostgator a full 5/5 stars and recommend it highly as one of the best web hosting companies on the market. (Hostgator International Site) (Hostgator Mexico) (Hostgator India)