Since its inception in 2014, Horsepower Robotics alumni are making an impact during their post-secondary Universities and in their career fields. Through participation in FIRST, alumni have been awarded numerous opportunities they may not have otherwise been given. Alumni participate in co-ops and internships with many different companies, perform National Science Foundation sponsored research, and present at conferences across the country.

All alumni of 4991 are welcome at off-season meetings, during our build season, and at all competitions. Alumni near and far, please consider joining our team as a mentor. Alumni mentors have been known to video chat from various locations with current members to attack any problems that may arise. Any alumni interested in mentoring should contact Mr. Macek. Mentors that are alumni of FIRST programs are a great asset to our team. They have been there when things don't work and celebrated when the final scores are revealed.

A goal for the current year's team is to expand our alumni network. Horsepower 4991 is asking all alumni to fill out the Google form below.