This years Horsepower apparel is here! For the 2019 season, we have brand new CV beanies and sherpas. Additionally, we have Horsepower hats, hoodies, polo shirts, sweatpants, and quarter zips, to help keep warm this cold build season!

Want to purchase any items? Contact us via email or social media.

Items: Prices:

Beanie $18

Hat $15

Hoodie S - XL: $18, 2XL: $21, 3XL: $22

Sweatpants S - XL: $18, 2XL: $20

Polo Shirt (Men's and Women's) S - XL: $20, 2XL: $22, 3XL: $23

Quarter Zip S - XL: $20, 2XL: $22, 3XL: $23

Sherpa (Frosty Grey and Charcoal) S - XL: $35, 2XL - 3XL: $38