Horsepower Robotics

Horsepower Robotics, also known as Team 4991, is a winning FIRST Robotics competition (FRC) team from Chartiers Valley High School in Bridgeville, Pennsylvania. In our five years of activity Horsepower Robotics has attended the FIRST World Championships twice, winning awards for creativity and ingenuity along the way.

FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) is an international high school robotics competition in which robotics clubs worldwide have 6 weeks to build a robot that can compete in the game revealed at the beginning of each build season, which begins in January. Teams go to regional competitions to play in the game and have a chance to qualify at the annual World Championships in Detroit, MI and Houston, TX.

Bojarski Auto

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What CAn They Do?

Flash can grab yellow crates called "Power Cubes" and place them onto a ground-level switch and a 4-to-6-foot tall balance scale. Flash can also drive autonomously to place a Power Cube in the switch, and climb the balance scale using a hook underneath the claw mechanism during the game's final moments.

Flash in Action

Here are some videos from our competition! You can watch all of our matches on our Blue Alliance page

Specific Mechanics

Switch & Scale

  • 3-Stage Cascading Lift
  • Places power cubes at any level


  • Use maximum lift height
  • Hooks onto rung, pulls in lift


  • Poly-carbonate Intake
  • Use wheels to pull power cubes in
  • Also uses claw to secure power cubes


  • Moves across autonomous line


2017 STEAMworks Robot


Drive Train

  • 6-wheel Tank Drive
  • 4 CIM motors


  • Andy Mark (am-14u3)


  • 12.1 feet/second


  • Gears & Climbing

Game Mechanics


  • Active gear mechanism
  • Uses pneumatics
  • Relies on human player to load
  • Max 7 gears per match


  • We put velcro attached to a hex shaft on which the rope connects
  • 2 CIM motors for climbing
  • Takes about 6 seconds


  • Our robot does not handle fuel


  • Can put a gear on any lift

Climbing & Autonomous