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November's member meeting took us to tour Christmas at The Fells in Newbury, NH. It was all decorated for the holidays. What a treat!

October's member meeting took us to Spring Ledge Farm for a bulb forcing workshop.

CONCORD, NH – The Granite State’s bear population is actively preparing for their denning period and on the move in search of high-fat, protein-rich food sources to sustain them through the winter. With a state-wide shortage of hard mast crops this year, such as beechnuts and acorns, an increasing number of bears are turning to residential areas for food. As a result, officials are asking the New Hampshire public to be both proactive and responsible by holding off on putting out bird feeders until December. Additionally, residents can help to avoid conflicts by removing bird feeders, securing dumpsters and garbage cans, and removing other backyard attractants. Although November is considered the start of winter bird feeding activity for many, increasingly mild autumns and the often-late arrival of winter conditions warrant modifications to prevent human-bear conflicts.

“We are experiencing a very poor food year throughout the state this fall and bears are desperate for any available nourishment,” said Andrew Timmins, Bear Project Leader for the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department. “During a typical year, bear sightings in residential areas are low to nonexistent during the fall. However, the lack of natural food this year has caused bears to frequent these areas in search of high-quality, human-related foods such as black-oil sunflower seed.” (Please click on the link in the title to read more...)


Andrew Timmins: (603) 788-3164 or Jay Martin: (603) 271-3211

October 19, 2018

by Amanda Shiffler

Contributing Writer, DIY Everywhere

Not only do they add beauty and greenery to your home, houseplants have incredible environmental, health, and mental benefits as well. Their natural processes help to increase humidity levels, reduce airborne dust levels, increase oxygen in the air while reducing carbon dioxide, they help to filter certain pollutants such as benzene and nitrogen dioxide (found in cigarette smoke), and houseplants have been known to help improve sleep, concentration and memory acuity.

Houseplants don't have to be intimating though. These 5 plants are easy to grow and are a great starting point if you would like to bring plants into your indoor space. (Please click on the link in the title to read more...)

Members pay only $10 in dues. That includes an invitation to a monthly event and a discount cards to some area nurseries - what a deal! Contact hopcongar@gmail.com for information on where to send your check.

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Hopkinton Contoocook Gardeners was organized in 1979 by Rose Hanson for people who enjoy all aspects of indoor and outdoor gardening. We enjoy visiting each other's garden, exchanging plants, and discussing experiences and ideas. We meet mainly at people's houses and gardens, but also host guest speakers and sponsor field trips. Our interest is in local talent, and in all phases of gardening rather than on a specific area.

Meetings are usually the third Monday of the month at 10am. They are cancelled only when the Hopkinton, NH school district closes due to inclement weather.

Dues for membership are only $10 per calendar year, and make it possible for you to enjoy our many social and educational activities. Members do not have to be residents of Hopkinton or Contoocook, NH. We welcome anyone with an interest in gardening. Hopkinton Contoocook Gardeners is not affiliated with any other organization.

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