Hope for the Haunted

We are a group of International Christian Demonologists that cover the world with a network of people. We work together in prayer and in the Holy Spirit. We specialize in Spiritual Warfare Counseling, Demonic Haunts, Deliverance and Exorcisms


About Me:

  • I am an ordained Reverend through NLMC and am certified in Deliverance through UNLMC.
  • I also am a certified Demonologist through Crisedu, School of Demonology and NLMC, Michigan Div.
  • I perform Baptisms, Marriage Ceremonies, House Cleansings and House Blessings.
  • As a Demonologist I investigate Demonic haunts and the Lord uses me to help those who are under spiritual attack and to set them free.
  • I also do Deliverance and Exorcisms as the Holy Spirit uses me to do this.
  • I am the owner/founder of The International Christian Demonology and Deliverance Ministry