Great Commission Women (GCW)

Great Commission Women

2018 - 2019 National Project

Great Commission Women (GCW) Living the Word, Doing the Work and Reaching the Lost (Mission Statement)

GCW play a supportive role for our International Workers (IW’s). All Women attending any Alliance Church are vital members of GCW. Your prayers and financial support are a vital part of fulfilling the Great Commission!

2018 Officers: President: Rebecca Schafer, Treasurer: Laurie Hanmer, TCK: Sharon Felici, Prayer: Bonnie Stewart, Stamps: Anna Tricia

Please Pray! Follow in your bulletin the specific needs of our International Workers, as well as the weekly prayer sheets.

Please continue to pray for the Spronk Family as they are on a 2 year leave of absence from the missionary field.

Continue to Pray for Betsy Blanchard, Wisdom and provision for the ministry in Spain, and for Betsy to be renewed while here in the USA on leave.

Pray for all of His servants working in foreign countries. For protection; for opportunities and boldness in sharing the gospel; that their ministries would be fruitful and many would come to saving faith.