Best Screenplay Manuscript Award

The Zombie Effect

Roger Sampson

Best Production Award


Igor Sadovski

Best Direction Award

Special Unit

Christopher Titus

Best Short Film Award

Tuned In

Matthew Marshall

Best Drama Film Award

Cowboys & Indians


Best Acting Award

The Red Oak

Dustin Ardine

Best Comedy Award


Phil Haine

Best Documentary Award


Miguel Angel Barroso

Best Music Video Award

Ballata Dell'Ipocondria

Antonello Matarazzo

Best Horror Award

Undercover Mistress

Giulio Ciancamerla

Best Manuscript Award

The Zombie Effect

Roger Sampson

Best Feature Film Award

No Child

Rob Underhill

Best Visual Arts Award

No.16, Da An Road

Joanne Lin

Best Action Film Award

Cinecittà On Wheels

Inti Carboni

Best Production Development

Next Saturday

Brian Dodd

Honorable Mention

Disregard the Vampire (Photo)

Chris Hunter, Mike Messier


Sustainable Futures: Survivor Girls

Nicole Watson


The Sacrifice - Roger Sampson

The Ritual - Roger Sampson

The Zombie Effect - Roger Sampson

Rawhead - Roger Sampson

Knock So Scary - Nibhal Bajracharya

A Movie Set - Eduardo Rufeisen

J... - Florin Marksteiner

Pechorin - Roman Khrushch

New York City (Extended Film) - Stephen Agisilaou

group - Jackie Goldston

PIERPAOLO - MIguel angel Barroso

Battledream Chronicle - Alain Bidard

"Fi Intithar Al Khareef" (Waiting for The Fall) - Rehab Ayoub

Undercover Mistress - Giulio Ciancamerla

Ronald McDonlad - Dominique Wilson


Prisoner - Erol Çelik

Far Away - Cynthia Cady

TESLA - Kamen Sway

After the Storm - Felix Tobin

K.E.R.O.S.E.N.E poems from the planet - Jukka-Pekka Jalovaara

Those Drawn Alive - Jukka-Pekka Jalovaara

Tuohinen, long range patrolman - Jukka-Pekka Jalovaara

Swayer Corporations - Basak Gaziler Prasad

4242 - Sara Eustaquio

Karma's Shadow - Rob Underhill

No Child - Rob Underhill

This Was My Son - Rob Underhill

Odds - Jordan Alazruei

Hello, Mr. Kim Tegu ― What I learned from Hansen's Disease - Hiromi Takagi

Face the Sun - Nikki Newsom

Resurrection Time Conspiracy - James Carroll

Adithya "Creative Genius" - Bheemagani Sudhakar

The Last Stop - M. Shay Stout

Corinthian - Phil Haine

Stained - Phil Haine

CHASM - Alicia Hayes

Food To Ate - Randy Huling

After Auschwitz - Paul Blinkhorn

Here Lies in the afterlife - Pascal Bouchard

Cowboys & Indians - CLAVELITO Films

No.16, Da An Road - Joanne Lin

Hell on Earth - Daniel Cook

Hunt For The Lost Book of Souls - Dani Miller

Spoon Dog - Christopher Dinnan

Pink Elephant - Hunter Hopewell

BIRTHDAY - Dimitris Katsimiris

The Weekend - Dennis Cahlo

SERES - Mariana Palacios

Keep it Clean - Evan Sennett

The Forgiveness Dance - Judy Belshe Toernblom

Firak - Okan Temizarabacı

Out of the mountain - Andrea Facheris

Sky - Sophie Chamoux

Ghost of a Chance - Michael Berg


Village Escape: Mission Love Affair - Darya Belkina

RESET - Christelle Gras

Home - David F. Mendez

Fringes - Michele Tataranni

Fallen Redemption - Matthew Sexton

April Fool's Day - Apostolis Iliopoulos

Scratch - Maninder Chana

Clocks - Karen Fitzgibbon

Poison - VT Lithyouvong

The Cursed Man - James L. Perry

The Mortality Game - Ed Vela

Stabilia - Sveinung Gjessing

The Pit - Filip Kilián

ROMA: The Silent Film - Adam Gonzalez

The Burial (v2 1080p) - Ray Petrolino

Dirty Winds - Andrew Huggins

Misery s - Isabelle Vossart

HIDDEN - Vincent Launay

Game On - Phillip Sebal

may I dance ? - Vasco Diogo

i promised - Danny MAlin

I Am Borderline: Self-Regulation Project - Betsy Usher

scamps & GOONS - Giancarlo Diaz

Samuel: The Birth of a Prophet - Jonathan Bryden

Genes of our fathers - Braam Ackermann

Three Dancers - Harry Rubin-Falcone

Epilogue to the death of Faun - J. Alberto Andrés Lacasta

La vie d'un clown - Vira Burmenko

On the Road to Relief - Jake Graves


Emerald Ice - Jesseca Ynez Simmons

I DON'T MIND - Alessio Miraglia

Variations - Martín Klein

The Wonderful World of Chinese Characters - Heaven Kid

Heavenkid (mov) - Heaven Kid

Cinecittà On Wheels - Inti Carboni

story for an empty theatre - cesare bedogne

What Would Elvis Do? - Robert Dodrill

Turpin: Terrible Toys - Robert Dodrill

Never Finished: Explorations at the Finnish - Megan Lowe

Occurrence in a Park - Yuriy Pestov

Hope - Dominika Smiechowska, Hans Tauscheck

The Ascension - Robert Hudson

Flicker - Niamh Moriarty

Lurna - Nani Matos

Boring I Love You - Nikhil Malik

Primary Colours - Emily Ramsay

Everywhere - Thomas Castiglione

Banalities - Rafael de Andrade

Life in the Making - Aniruddha Pande

GONE - Philippe Wendling

TAPETTE (MICHEL'S MOUSE) - Philippe Wendling

The Dormitory - Jack Watkins

Inner Me - Antonio Spanò

Mon Ange Video - Natalie Jean

The Red Oak - Dustin Ardine

To Let Her Go - Dustin Ardine

Blockbuster - A Life in Moving Pictures - Vlado Priborsky

The Motive - Anders Engdahl

Listen to me: untold stories beyond hatred - PINK Armenia

Hope - Adam Losurdo

Dance yourself free - Patrick Bosset

"FALL" in SPRING..?? - Manisha Gupta

Miss fairy - Naima Chebahi

A Way Back - Alan King

Special Unit - David Figlioli

Once upon a dream - Anthony Nion

ONE DAY IN JULY - Hermes Mangialardo

Actual Cannibal Shia LaBeouf Trailer - Joseph Dutra

Musician - Aleksei Borovikov

Porgandia - Risto Kütt

Tuned In - Matthew Marshall

Cecilia - Isidora Alvarado

“Travelling with the bomb” - Nurlan Abdykadyr

Back Track - Virgil Widrich

Mecha - Jonny Mancini

The Life of Davie - Austin Coombs-Perez


Hope Film Awards accepts entries at:


Liberty & Slavery - Troy Thomas

Labyrinth - Noga Dekel

Breathe - Laurie COHEN

Fugue - Adam Renkovish

Pati - Liana Foai

Silent Motive - Robert Cantu


Burden of Verdict - TUNJI BAMISHIGBIN

Confession - Nataniel Gurkin

Brotherly Love - Kirby Wright

Pinata - Frank H. Woodward

The Little Chapel - Richard Schertzer

Siren of the South: Stephanie Adlington - Steven C. Knapp

Spinning Wheel by Ashlee K Thomas - Steven C. Knapp

The Redneck and The Robot - Michael Miller

Polis Nea - Pierluigi Ferrandini

Porgandia - Risto Kütt

Musician - Aleksei Borovikov

Actual Cannibal Shia LaBeouf Trailer - Joseph Dutra

Konnichiwa Kuma-San! - Jennifer Revit

Fetish - Danny MAlin

Buddha of Superposition - Alexis Kirke

Dee Gal - Kumara Raja

Those Tiny Pieces - Simone Smith

A Fight Against Time. Ainara - Francisco reina

Good Again - Jeanne Dukes

The Breakable Shoes - Jeanne Dukes

Seaweed Jesus - Kirby Wright

The IBUR Connection - Joe Diamand

Girl - Gregory Falatek

Olga - Gregory Falatek

DIH. Breath - Dasa Grgic

Bonsai (Soundtrack) - Javier Bayon

Insane Diego - Kirby Wright

22 - Melody Brooke

Promises - Melody Brooke

Oppressed Free - Ravi Rapaka

The Man in the Middle of the Desert - Greg Sisco

The Night of Columbus-Day - Michael Aliotti

EJK (Extra Judicial Killing) - Roland Sanchez

My Heart Is an Octopus or My Father

on the Shore of Black Sea - Neno Belchev

The Badge, Gun, & Hangman's Noose - Edward Santiago

Knights of the Valiant Heart - Edward Santiago

Me Set Fee! - BB Banda

Crimson Love - Tanya Muir

Eluvies - Andrea Kaštelan

Death Memories - Marco Basso

ZERO, THE SERIES - "New Life" - S1E1 - Alessio Fracchia

Big Time Music - Andy Bosnak

ESCAPES - Mercedes Gaspar

How Beautiful You Are - Mikolaj Cempla

The Touch - Sagar

The Guilt List (Extended version) - Tereza Hirsch

Behind the Scenes Look: Live

Television Production - Technical Directing - Paul Overacker

Choices - Ravie Ravan Kathuria

The Long Drive - Ravie Ravan Kathuria

The Ivory Seed - Donna McEldowney

The Square Root of Pie - John Milton Branton

Trailhead - Ihmic M El

Signum Diaboli - Rubén Soler Ferrer

Lighter and cigarettes - Irene Mendez

Tinnitus - Irene Mendez

Pas de Couru - Donna McEldowney

White Blood - Daniela Damianidou

Heading Due North - John Barlow

James & the Journey to Freedom - Troy Hencely

Slincraze - Stállu - Egil Pedersen

2017: A Press Conference - Jordi Wijnalda

Millionaire - Mab Jones

BEING, India Czajkowska & Kuba Lasocki - India Czajkowska

H.I.V His Innocent Voice - Jesus Rosa

Lions of the Sea - Jessi Thind

We Manifest Ourselves - Rita Figueiredo

Class 702 - Dwight Dodd Jr

Louisiana Nights - Dwight Dodd Jr

P&P - Dwight Dodd Jr

Empty Basket - Ian Carstens

Movement Fundamentals - The Waltz - Ian Carstens

Hidden Devil - Fran Mateu

The Art of Restraint and Cool Excuses - Lauren Carr

1 Good Thing - Kelly Frey

Bruno - Luis Perez

Under My Skin - Luis Perez

Hanger Space - Luis Perez

Paloma Rush - Drive - Lars Deutsch

Going Home to Dixie - Alicia Dutton

Home is a Privilege - Anne Murray

The 99th Encounter - Deep Visions

Harry The Hydrant

(A Big Apple Fairy Tale) - Phillip Hardy

Miles in the Life - Shaun Mathis

Coming Home - Sarah Lally

Haiti-DR Binational Market - Elvin Diaz

Eternally (Music Video) - Ayako Yamauchi

The Survivor - Tian Liu

A Familiar Spirit - Rickey Bird

The Kifffness - You Say You Love Me

(ft Tawanna Shaunte) - Quinton Lavery

Finding Superman - Jessi Thind

All-American - Jessi Thind

Nanuq - Jessi Thind

Destiny Muted - Ashley Williams

Forbidden Land - François Girard

Think Forward - David Keogh

True North - Sarah (Piper) King

Solace in the Arms of Another - Yvonne Thomas-Harris

Painting Doors - The Art of

Lucid Dreaming - Timo Hanczuk

The Impeccable (A Ten Minute Play) - Mike Messier

Mermaid Blue By The Ocean - Sandeep Khurana

Essence - Nuria Pauluchi

Teatime Ponderer - Amin Shaikh

"Celebrate Canada"

Exploring Our National Parks - Sarah (Piper) King

Apocalittica / Prus Dall'Oltrefiaba - Giuseppe Sciarra

Heroes Victory - Ondra Berry II

Stand - Malynda Hale

Indio Resto El Documental - Abnel Jo. Hernández

Center Mountians - Jasper Steed

Hurricane - Christiano Dias

"I Cry" by Kidaudra - Kyle Manzione

September Moon - Kyle Manzione

Dial It Back - Sam Healy

Lost Memory - Mark Tang

Making Lucy - Ric Davidson

Uri In The Sky - Amir Har-Gil

Behind The Wall - Mike Sorrinni

On The Corner - Mike Sorrinni

The Postcard - Mike Sorrinni

Cadeby - David Keogh

Syndicates - Joshua Leppert

Are We The Waiting - Tracey Pritt

Monster's Ball - Adam Burns

Somaliland - Clinton West

Song in a Day - Kris Jones

The Girl Who Cried Wolf - David Brichetto

2-12-Delta - David Brichetto

Peace And War - David Brichetto

A Voice From Mauthausen - David Brichetto

Frogman - David Brichetto

Far From Home - Clémence Le Prévost, Valérie Baeswril

Strength Approach

"In The Belly Of The Beast" - Inti Carboni

Born From Pain

"Dance With The Devil" - Inti Carboni

Mending - Seth Luke

Who's Watching Oliver - Raimund Huber

Lucky 13 - Louise Bartolotta

Bun Stop - Dan Douglas

A Hot Meal: Blood Brothers - Jamison Derfler

Bright Tapestry - Jamison Derfler

God's Will - Jamison Derfler

Woman Troubles - Jamison Derfler

The Journal | Short Film - Paul Usungu

Next Saturday - Brian Dodd

Even If - Vadim Uvazhny

I Am A Winner - Abhijeet Devadiga

Movie About Reality & Unreality - Marta Stachowska

Pathways - Stephanie Greene

Pathways (Minister Carrie) - Stephanie Greene

50 clips in 5 minutes - Dan Chen

In the Darkness of night - Abolfazl Tajik

Don't Waste A Precious Minute - Marc Greene

Mr. Santa Monica - Mark Lawson Shepard

Percent - Vladimir Kudryashov

The Towns We Lived In - Robbie Fatt

Only A Few Hearts Love - Alex Rellos

Perceptions - Danny MAlin

Take The Chocolate - Shahid Kamal

High Time - Sam Maani

An Offbeat Story of Smiling Djesus - Payam Tameh

Rotten - Jayme Karales

Hope - Cell - Christine Börsch-Supan

The Singular Talent - Kamila Stopyra

Alla Salute! - Davies zamb

Blessed Are the Children - Chris Moore

Embrace the Suck - Angel Castellanos

Dead Love - Cynthia Bergen

Thanksgiving - Mike Messier

This Cold, Still Place - Mike Messier

Aunty - Phil Haine

The Slide Projector - Mirko Zaru

Peel - Annika Cassidy

A Horse Named Allan - Tanne Sommer

You, Belfast (Silent Version) - Thomas Scott

Secuestro Express - Jaime Khelout

Delightful - Katie Garibaldi

Spillover - Israel Rios

Heroes Manufactured - Yaron Betan

Neeye - A Musical Dance Video - Gomtesh Upadhye

Fat Bald with Mustache - Mohsen Najafi Mehri

Little Big Land - Mohsen Najafi Mehri

Eternally Child - Lorena Sopi

Cowboy Church - Jim Ackert

Two Rivers - Melonie Gartner

Vicious - Jason Rosenblatt

Unseen - Justin Krul

The Retarded Child - Dimitar Dimitrov

Dawn - Arnaud Viémont

Sargasso - Jaime Herrera

The Barking Spider - robert gately

The Barking Spider - robert gately

Corpus Christi Carol - Lino James Pollano

The Vast Landscape - Lea V

Six Foot Scoundrel - Andrew Huggins

Four Pies - Andrew Huggins

80 Glocks - Jérome Thomas

SKY'S THE LIMIT, The Extreme Painters - Jérome Thomas

Run with the Wolves - Jérome Thomas

2 Become - Mikael Buxton

The City With No Ends - Alessandro Pallotta

Kuchipudi: A Journey of a Tradition

with Guru Padma Sonti - Sunil Kilaru

Flea Bit - Dylan Nicholls

Chaos & Order - Tyler Cochran

Grad School Angst: A Series of Poems

Reflecting One Student’s Quest - Tyler Cochran

The Poor Man's Agent - Tyler Cochran

Ballet Art - Anna Bruno

Dead Mall - Dustin Morrow

Third Man In The Ring - Derek Vaughn

Aficionado Cigar Improv - Derek Vaughn

Broken Heart Apartment - Derek Vaughn

American Newsreal - Derek Vaughn

Vis-er-al - Polly Hudson

Dyab - Mazin Sherabayani

God's World - David Monk

Jambalaya - Houssam Haj Yousef

The American Dream - Victor Rodriguez

Exhumed - Brittany Johnson

Believe In Love - Rach Azrak

Inevitable - Savvas Christou

The Android Who Lived Twice - Alessio Billi

Tombola - Travis Yates

The Switch - Fuller & Green Productions

Full Stop - Maheshkumar Munjale

The Last Time - Houssam Haj Yousef

The Trip - Nicholaus Woodhouse

From All of Our Love This Was Lost - Nick Zoulek

Gary and Pel - Alex Marahall Parsons

Drunk Zombies - Alex Napiwocki

Bride Sabina 2 - Darya Belkina

Reunion - Yi Tao

Time to Sleep - Matt Aucott

Photo - Disregard the Vampire - Mike Messier

One - Nadav Heyman

Rami - Hassan Fouad

Buffalo Run - Hyten Davidson

In-Kind - Laurie Rud

Hostil - Alex Hernández

Man of Her Dreams - Sean Pettis

Number 1 - A Short Film - Derrick Small

The Doll House - Rebecca Gosnell

Lilith Come Out - Savvas Christou

I Wanna Play - Savvas Christou

Tommy's Theme - Andrea Facheris

420 RNC Alien Implant - Goren Henry

Sweet Therapy - Laura Koons

Donut Fight - Nadia Burgess

Black - Nadia Burgess

The You I See - Samantha Russell

Free - Pedro Nogueira

Brazen Bull - Bahman Iranpour

Move on - Yasuaki Fujinami

His First Time - Angie Violet Hawes

Master Moon - Michael Vincent Montgomery

Strange Places - Cynthia Bergen

Gothic Truth - Kerry Everett

Lullaby - Lauren Ouellette

Passion of the Punk - Craig Vincent

The Ninja Assassination Squad, Ep. 1 - Mark Stewart

Hada - Tony Morales

Brady's Lot - Eric Hanson

Gypslum - Shantanu Sagara

The Will - Lavinia Roberts

Bull Pocket Race - Duarte Águas

TÜSN – HUMBOLDT - Dennis Hemstedt

Hell on Neptune - Robert J. Rogers

Dakota Caves - 2 Miles - Robert J. Rogers

Ictus Rhapsody - Double Take - Cinematic Circus

MOTHER - Zoran Maslic

Love Birds - Suresh K Goswami

After Universe - Federico Foria

Fire Love Art - Studi Bless

A Short Film About Hope - James Brown

Before the Sun Sets - Sam Leach

Irreclaimable - Justin Toppins

8 - Nicholas Swanton

The Color of Budapest - Kadir Demir

Warasgaon Warriors - Suresh K Goswami

Spiritual Showdown - Dishaun Jones

Still - Damian Emilio Medvedofsky

Toy Soldiers - Cynthia Morrison

Lucky - Carolyn Wagner

Hearts - Carolyn Wagner

Nympho's Diary - Savvas Christou

Priestest of the Gate - Alicia Hayes

Laundry Day - Hannah Weber

Like Starting Over - Jon Smith

Scanner - Daniel Stephenson

Not Spoken - Phil Scala

Once Upon A Crime - Nikki Newsom

Sister - Renee Fisher

Confession - Sofia Vyshnevetska

The Cultured Criminal - Florin Marksteiner

Our Final Days Together - Jonathan Vargas

Otis Walks Into The Woods - Derrick Belcham

Happy Birthday Kevin - John Psathas

Behind the Curtain - Onion Smile - Andreia Taboas

Savages In Foreign Lands - Raphael Biss

Finding My Olivia - Kelly Jean Karam

Spirit Soul Series: Memory - Jessica Ray

The Veil - Michael Griffin

Geometries of Time - Zornitsa Stoyanova

Feed My Sheep - Scott Ennis

The Rich Young Man - Scott Ennis

Green Green Grass - Kyle Roberts

Backstage - Kaihei Hase

Good Girl - Berry Minott

Fallin´ Free - Stepan Chomjakow

A Life of the Mind:

Niels-Erik Andreasen - Paul Kim

1:31 AM - Stefan K

RJTD - Stefan K

Through the Ice World - Stefan K

Mystery Ink - Frank'n' Land

Roller Cokesters - Frank'n' Land

All In - Frank'n' Land

PSYN (Pseudo Substances

Yielding Necrosis) - Frank'n' Land

The Disturban Legend Redux - Frank'n' Land

Mental - Julian Shaw

Birth Of Life - Julian Shaw

Gone - John Hopper

Friendship Bracelet - Kalliopi Villy Kotoula

When It All Falls Down - Andrea Filippini

Devout - Andy Bisaha

Pained Heart - Iram Reyes

A Cup Song - Eduardo Rufeisen

Human Resources - Eduardo Rufeisen

It Was Dali - Eduardo Rufeisen

The Firmest Friend - Andrew Fixell

Wise decision - Chris Orlandi


Hope Film Awards accepts entries at: