Chili Cook-Off Entry Form

Entry Rules

1. Each person can enter no more than three pots of chili. This year there will be no entry fee. Any brother can enter a pot. Entries can be made by filling out the entry form below. Entry submissions must be received before 6:00pm on Sunday, December 17, 2017. You must provide all the garnishes and toppings you want served with your chili. We’ll provide serving bowls.

2. Chili will be judged by an panel made up of from a selection of Hoover Lodge’s Past Masters and officers in a blind taste test to prevent bias. Hoover Lodge reserves the right to invite guest judges to sit on the panel as well.

3. The Best Chili, Spiciest Chili, and "Most Creative" Chili will receive an award certifying their bragging rights for the upcoming year.

Judging Points

Chili will be judged on four traits, in ½ point increments up to five points per trait, for a total value of up to 20 points per judge. The four traits are:

· Overall Flavor Profile – How does the chili taste? Is it a full, well-balanced flavor? Is the meat bland but other components flavorful, or is the flavor universal throughout the dish? Is there something in the chili that’s just screaming and drowning out other flavors?

· Composition – Is the chili 95% beans and 5% meat? Is the balance of corn, beans, tomatoes, peppers, meat, etc. a good balance, or is there just way too much corn to be a good chili? Are the veggies or meat cut up into too large of a chunk to enjoy?

· Texture – Does the chili feel smooth and enjoyable, or is it like someone mixed in a pound of sand per pound of meat? Is the chili cooked to the point where each ingredient is tender and not too distracting from the overall bite, or is the meat still frozen in the center?

· Aroma and Appeal– Does it smell like chili? Look like chili? Do you want to eat it based on looking at it? Does the chili look like that goopy brown paste Hormel calls chili, or is it visually appealing to the eyes with lots of clear, discernible components?

Additional Category: Heat Level

· For entries entered into the Spiciest Chili contest, which judges will be informed of prior to tasting, there will be an additional category to consider: the spice or Heat Level of the chili. For this, judges will assign a score from 1-10, where 1 is a glass of milk and 10 is straight fire. Each entry MUST be judged, however, if a judge is uncomfortable with eating spicy chili, they can have another judge or officer sit in and judge that chili for them.

Award Categories:

· You are judging for three awards: Best Chili, Spiciest Chili, and “Most Creative” Chili.

o Best Chili is the chili with the most points awarded to it by the judges.

o Spiciest Chili is the chili with the highest average Heat Level score.

o “Most Creative” Chili is an award conferred by the judges by consensus to the chili that, while might not have been “good” per se (or palatable, or even safe to eat), was certainly… creative. Whatever you do, don’t consider this a “best example of terrible” chili award. That would be… wrong. It’s just… creative!