Thanks for Stopping By

We're so glad you've decided to come check out what our Family Farm has to offer. We are first generation farmers growing cut flowers, and plants starts for adding edibles to your home and garden. We are farming in the Low Country of South Carolina, Zone 8b. During the growing  season , which is typically late April through October or November, we offer:

All items can be purchased at our self serve farm stand, which is open daily from 7:00am-7:00pm and located at 2606 County Line Road Cross, SC 29436.  

Special order bouquets are available for pick up with 3 days prior notice. To inquire about placing a special order, or for more information please contact us at:

Affiliate Programs

We have recently become affiliates for some of our favorite seed companies! The resources, and quality seeds they have made available for gardeners everywhere have been an integral part of our growth as gardeners. When you make a purchase using our affiliate links you help to support our farming and gardening efforts. Products purchased using our affiliate links are still standard price for you, and we are able to receive a small commission on each purchase. 

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