COVID 19 Honor Pins

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Covid-19 took everyone by surprise. It was first mentioned in the news in December, 2019 as a slight issue in China. As it turned out, it was not only an issue but a problem that turned into a world wide pandemic. This site will not debate what was, could have, should have, or is being done. No one expected the Invisible Enemy to impact everyone's every day way of life. I will say that being a President at this time must feel like the weight of the world rests on his shoulders. Our President needs our prayers, support, and guidance no matter your political beliefs as he navigates through this devastating problem, utilizing the best scientists, experts, and advisors to make sure each step is the best one to take.
Residents of nursing homes have accounted for a staggering proportion of Covid-19 deaths in the US, according to incomplete data gathered by healthcare researchers. This is what we know for sure. Out of nearly 1.9 million confirmed cases in the US, 42% of the deaths were residents of nursing homes or assisted living facilities. This shows a lack of preparedness by those whose business it is to protect and allow those in their last days to be safe, protected, and cared for. I can only personally give an account of what happened to my brother but I am reading more accounts from all over the US that are heartbreaking, unimaginable, tragic, and possibly a different outcome for many if processes and plans had been better. Cut off from the world, the most frail and vulnerable were subjected to loneliness, despair, confusion, feelings of abandonment, mistreatment by those that knew they could without detection, and neglect.
As we come out of this pandemic, many do not realize the agonizing pain families have gone through. Many didn't get to say goodbye to their loved ones, or hold their hand as they left this world, or sooth their fears, watch out for their best interests, or even have closure at a gathering following their deaths. The stories of pain, anguish, guilt, and mental suffering are gut wrenching.
This pin will be worn in honor of all that lost their family members. This pin will be worn in honor of all that lost friends. This pin will be worn in honor of all that lost neighbors or acquaintances. This pin will be worn by all who never want to forget how the Invisible Enemy stole their lives, and changed our lives forever.

Bottom Clasp can hold your

loved one's photo.

Honor Essential Workers or Celebrate the Victory of Recovery

There are many who have lost a loved one to Covid 19. There are also many who got the virus and battled through it and recovered. This pin is to honor anyone that has been affected by the Invisible Enemy. Through a website called Voices for Seniors, I have learned of the struggles people have gone through in many states to see their loved ones in healthcare facilities, who have lost their loved ones as I did and never got to see them again, or the ones that have gone through weeks and weeks of being so ill with the virus. It has disrupted our lives emotionally, financially, and mentally. After losing Bill, and after finding this wonderful group, I decided to donate a portion of each pin sale to Voices for Seniors after they announced their plan to seek Not for Profit status. Their hope is to provide a place for people all over to find an outlet for the frustrations and battles but also to make a documentary about the struggles we all have been through. Peaceful voices need to be heard against bad decisions made by officials. I hope you will support us too! email: for more information and to order these exclusive pins!