Hong Wang(王虹)

Hello! I'm Hong Wang. I did my PhD with Prof. Larry Guth in 2019 and I'm going to be at IAS next year.

I'm interested on Fourier analysis and related problems. For example, if we know that the Fourier transform of a function is supported on some curved objects, a sphere or some "curved" collection of discrete points, what can we say about this function? It turns out that such problems are also related to Falconer distance problem and incidence geometry and I'm interested on these connections.

Email: Hong.Wang1991 at gmail.com (my MIT email might expire some time soon, please use this email address to contact me)

Publications and preprints

1. Optimal Analysis of Subset-Selection Based l^p Low-Rank Approximation, with C. Dan, H. Zhang, Y. Zhou, P. Ravikumar, accepted by NeurIPS 2019.

2. 2D-Defocusing Nonlinear Schrodinger equation with random data on irrational tori with C. Fan, Y. Ou and G. Staffilani.

3. A sharp square function estimate for the cone in $\mathbb{R}3$ with L. Guth and R. Zhang.

4. Small cap decouplings with C. Demeter and L. Guth.

5. Incidence estimates for well spaced tubes with L. Guth and N. Solomon, accepted by GAFA.

6. Lower bounds for estimates of the Schr\" odinger maximal function with X. Du, J. Kim and R. Zhang, accepted by Math. Res. Let.

7. On Falconer's distance set problem in the plane with L. Guth, A. Iosevich and Y. Ou, accepted by Invent. Math.

8. Weighted restriction estimates and application to Falconer distance set problem with X. Du, L. Guth, Y. Ou, B. Wilson and R. Zhang, accepted by Amer. J. Math.

9. A restriction estimate in $\mathbb {R}^ 3$ using brooms.

10. A cone restriction estimate using polynomial partitioning with Y. Ou.

11. On a bilinear Strichartz estimate on irrational tori and some application with C. Fan, G. Staffilani and B. Wilson, Analysis&PDE(2018).

12. Refinements of the 2-dimensional Strichartz estimate on the maximum wavepacket with L. Zhang.

13. Decoupling and near-optimal restriction estimates for Cantor sets with I. Laba, IMRN(2017).

14. Exposition of Elekes Szabo paper.

15. Bounds of incidences between points and algebraic curves with B. Yang and R. Zhang.