I am a Research Scientist at Salesforce Research, Palo Alto, CA, USA. 

Previously, I was a Researcher within the Machine Learning Department at NEC Laboratories America, Inc.

I earned my Ph.D. in Computer Science from Rutgers University in 2023, where I was supervised by Professor Mubbasir Kapadia. I received Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science and Technology in 2017, and Bachelor of Arts in TV Editing and Directing (Post-production of Television) in 2016, both from Communication University of China

I did internships at Salesforce Research (Mentors: Juan Carlos Niebles and Roberto Martín-Martín), NEC Labs (Mentors: Asim Kadav and Farley Lai), and Google YouTube (Mentors: Wei-Hong Chuang and Hassan Akbari) where I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to closely collaborate with DeepMind and Google Research

Research Interests

📫  honglu [dot] zhou [at] rutgers [dot] edu

Selected Projects

[CVPR 2024] Learning from Synthetic Human Group Activities

[CVPR 2024] Why Not Use Your Textbook? Knowledge-Enhanced Procedure Planning of Instructional Videos

[CVPR 2023] Procedure-Aware Pretraining for Instructional Video Understanding

[ECCV 2022] COMPOSER: Compositional Reasoning of Group Activity in Videos with Keypoint-Only Modality

[CIKM 2022 Best Paper Award] D-HYPR: Harnessing Neighborhood Modeling and Asymmetry Preservation for Digraph Representation Learning

[ICLR 2021] Hopper: Multi-hop Transformer for Spatiotemporal Reasoning

Love nature! Enjoy hiking, traveling, going to the beach or park, and spending time with family and friends.

Coffee, friends and my sweet dog and cat are my sources of happiness.

 Last Update: March 02, 2024