I'm currently a PhD student (4th year) from Computer Science Department at Rutgers University (since 2017 Fall), under the supervision of Prof. Mubbasir Kapadia. Before that, I received my Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science and Technology in 2017, and Bachelor of Arts in TV Editing and Directing (Post-production of Television) in 2016, both from Communication University of China.

If you are an undergraduate or master student interested in research, please feel free to contact me. We are looking for outstanding students to engage in ongoing research projects.

Research Interests:

Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Graph Embedding, Crowd Dynamics.

  • Video spatio-temporal reasoning and object tracking;

  • Predict the visual crowd trajectories with computer vision techniques and virtual simulations;

  • Learn low-dimensional vector representations for graphs;

  • Embed semantically and behaviourally augmented floorplans to enable intelligent and automatic floorplan design;

  • Foresee human interaction patterns in online environment (e.g., information/product adoption patterns).

Particularly, I'm passionate about the next-generation machine intelligence, especially machine learning and reasoning over structured data, such as graphs, images, videos, and broadly, sequences. Currently, my research is focusing on (1) graph-based modeling and representation learning, and (2) predicting spatiotemporal sequential patterns.


  • Started """SWE Intern""" at Google! I will be joining YouTube Search team and working with Wei-Hong Chuang and Hassan Akbari on video chapters.

  • 1 paper has been accepted by The Visual Computer ! [Paper]

  • Just attended 2021 CRA-WP Grad Cohort for Women which is a really cool event! I gave a Lightening Talk on my recent ICLR'21 work.

  • Checkout my talk on Convolutional Graph Neural Networks and Applications ! [YouTube]

  • 1 paper has been accepted by ICLR 2021 ! [Paper]

  • 1 paper has been accepted by ECCV 2020 ! -- Acceptance Rate: 27% [Code][Paper]

  • 1 paper has been accepted by SIGIR 2020 ! -- Acceptance Rate: 27.5% [Code][Paper]

  • Started """Research Intern""" at NEC Laboratories America, Inc! I will be working on video understanding and reporting to Dr. Asim Kadav.

  • 1 paper has been accepted by IJCAI 2020 ! -- Acceptance Rate: 12.6% [Code][Paper]

  • 1 paper has been accepted by SimAUD 2020 ! [Paper]

  • ……



  • Spatiotemporal Object-Centric Reasoning in Videos

  • Hyperbolic Graph Representation Leaning

  • Deep Long-Term Crowd-Flow Prediction in Arbitrary Environment

  • Semantically and Behaviourally Augmented Floorplan Embedding

  • Multiscale Modeling of Online Social Environments

  • SocialSim: Computational Simulation of Online Social Behavior

  • Exploring Echo Chamber in Real-World E-Commerce Recommenders

  • Can We Summarize Reddit Post? [Code][Presentation]

  • More details ...


Python, C, C++, Java, PHP, JavaScript, Pytorch, Keras, Tensorflow, Caffe, OpenCV, MATLAB, SteerSuite, Ubuntu, AWS, SQL, Elasticsearch, Apache Zeppelin, etc.

Services and Activities:

  • Volunteer

    • IJCAI-PRICAI 2020, the 29th International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence and the 17th Pacific Rim International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Jan, 2021.

    • ACM SIGGRAPH 2018 Conference in Vancouver, Canada, Aug. 2018.

      • Assisted the conference throughout various shifts. Work duties include merchandise distribution, attendee interactive experience assistance, conference activity and media coordination.

    • RadioAsia 2016 Conference in Beijing, China, Apr. 2016.

      • Acted as an assistant for IT department manager from Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union and coordinated work with China National Radio Station. Work duties include translation, maintenance, coordination and management.

    • Cui Yongyuan Oral History Museum, Jul. 2014.

      • Digitized and archived precious diaries from historical eminent persons.

  • Paper Reviewer

    • Reviewer for NeurIPS 2021.

    • Reviewer for SCA 2021.

    • Reviewer for ICCV 2021.

    • Reviewer for CVPR 2021.

    • Reviewer for "Transactions on Signal and Information Processing over Networks".

    • External Reviewer for "ICDM: International Conference on Data Mining 2020".

    • Program Committee Member for "the IJCAI workshop on Neural Cognitive Modeling of Humans and Environments 2020".

    • External Reviewer once for "GMOD: Graphical Models".

    • External Reviewer once for "TVCG: IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics".

    • External Reviewer once for "CASA: Computer Animation and Social Agents 2018".

  • Teaching Assistant

    • Rutgers University, Department of Computer Science, Software Engineering (198:431:F20), Sept. 2020 - Dec. 2020.

    • Rutgers University, Department of Computer Science, Internet Technology (198:352:S20), Jan. 2020 - May 2020.

    • Rutgers University, Department of Computer Science, Internet Technology (198:352:F19), Sept. 2019 - Dec. 2019.

    • Rutgers University, Department of Computer Science, Principles of Programming Languages (198:314:F17), Sept. 2017 - Dec. 2017.

    • Beijing New Oriental School, English Learning Department, Managed a residential boarding class. Aug. 2015.


  • "Multi-Scale Modeling of Online Social Networks". DIMACS-Microsoft Research Mixer Event, Microsoft Research NYC, New York, USA. Sept. 2019.

  • "Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning". School of Computer Science, Communication University of China, Beijing, China. Jun. 2017.

Honors and Awards:

  • Outstanding Graduate of Beijing, Top 3%, 2017.

  • Outstanding Graduate of Communication University of China, Top 10%, 2017.

  • Excellent Graduation Thesis Award, Top 10%, 2017.

  • Innovation Scholarship, Top 0.5%, 2016.

  • National Endeavor Scholarship, Top 1%, 2014, 2016.

  • National Scholarship, Top 0.2%, 2015.

  • The National Innovation Contest for Developing SDN Application, Second Award, 2015.

  • The Fifth Shiyou Cup Chinese College News and Television Award, First Award, 2015.

Life & Hobbies:

Hiking, Travel, Beach, Shooting on Film Cameras. Occasionally I also do some painting and calligraphy - not a specialist though ;P

FYI. I have a cute cat!

Last Update: 2021/04/24