Equivariant homotopy theory and K-theory

June 18 - 22, 2018

Motivic homotopy groups of spheres III

June 25 - 29, 2018

There are now videos of several talks available here. More will be added in the future.

Summer School 1: June 18 - 20

Applications of topological cyclic homology and cyclotomic spectra

  • Akhil Mathew (U Chicago)

Global homotopy theory

  • Stefan Schwede (U Bonn)

Assembly maps and trace methods

  • Marco Varisco (U Albany)

Summer School 2: June 25 - 27

An introduction to A^1 homotopy theory from an infinity-categorical viewpoint

  • Florian Strunk (U Regensburg)
  • Georg Tamme (U Regensburg)
  • Tutor: Elden Elmanto (Northwestern)

Workshop 1: June 20 - 22

Equivariant homotopy theory and K-theory


  • Ben Antieau (UIC)
  • Tobias Barthel (U Copenhagen)
  • Jonathan Campbell (Vanderbilt U)
  • Emanuele Dotto (U Bonn)
  • Jeremy Hahn (Harvard U)
  • Mike Mandell (Indiana U)
  • Mona Merling (Johns Hopkins U)
  • Thomas Nikolaus (U Münster)
  • Birgit Richter (U Hamburg)
  • Christian Schlichtkrull (U Bergen)
  • Inna Zakharevich (Cornell U)

Workshop 2: June 27 - 29

Motivic homotopy groups of spheres III

Participants include:

  • Alexey Ananyevskiy (SPBU)
  • Tom Bachmann (U Duisburg/Essen)
  • Jean Fasel (UJF Grenoble)
  • Grigory Garkusha (Swansea U)
  • Bertrand Guillou (U Kentucky)
  • Jeremiah Heller (UI Urbana Champaign)
  • Marc Hoyois (USC)
  • Dan Isaksen (Wayne State U)
  • Fabien Morel (LMU München)
  • Kyle Ormsby (Reed College)
  • Ivan Panin (Steklov Institute)
  • Markus Spitzweck (U Osnabrück)
  • Vesna Stojanoska (UI Urbana Champaign)
  • Kirsten Wickelgren (GIT)
  • Glen Wilson (U Oslo)
  • Benedict Williams (UBC)


Each week is a research workshop with an integrated summer school. In each week on Monday, Tuesday and on Wednesday afternoon we will have summer school lectures. These are primarily directed to PhD students and young PostDocs, but are open to all participants. There will also be accompanying tutorials and question sessions.

Poster Session

We encourage all participants to present their own research via a poster. In both weeks we will have a poster session on Wednesday. Please register your poster via the link below before Friday, June 15 respectively Friday, June 22 and hand it in on Monday or before lunch time on Tuesday at the conference desk.

Register your Poster


Both weeks will have lectures in two different locations (ZIB on June 18, 19, 20, 26, 27; TU on June 21, 22, 27, 28, 29). Both locations are easily accessible by public transport.

Zuse Institute Berlin (ZIB) Takustraße 7, 14195 Berlin

Technische Universität Berlin Straße des 17. Juni 136, 10623 Berlin


If you would like to put up information about our event at your department, you can download the posters here.

Poster - Week 1 Poster - Week 2

Registration and Application

Senior researchers, i.e. those who completed their Ph.D. in or before the year 2015, may register for the summer school and the workshops here until May 13:

Registration for senior researchers

Junior researchers should sign up at the BMS website and then apply via the separate application form under the link below. The deadline for applications with requests for funding expired March 7, 2018 and funding decisions have been taken. However until May 13 you can still apply for participation and since there may be cancellations by funded participants we still collect the data relevant for funding as well.

Application for junior researchers

If you are interested in childcare services during the event, please mention this in your registration/application or get in touch with the organizers as early as possible.


This event is supported by:

We thank the Zuse Institut Berlin (ZIB) and Technische Universität Berlin for providing the event locations.