Home Schooling English in Colombia



Homeschooling English in Colombia

This is a home schooling/education community board and its essential purpose is to aid in the sharing of information for those undertaking home schooling, particularly for us here in Colombia. It is intended to be a friendly place aiding communicating and the sharing of resources and information with others on all matters relating to the topic of home schooling in native English in Colombia.

Please help in making other native English speaking educators aware of this education community. If you are an educational professional, it would be appreciated to share your expertise with others.

Join our Google Group to take part:

  1. Click this link and request to join using a Google Account. (If you do not have a Google account send a blank email here)

  2. Once approved you will have access to the forum below or via this link.

  3. Group members can contact the admin here.

Below is an embedded window to our members only forum. See the above information to join.

A few guidelines that apply to members:

  • Your messages and interactions should be clearly articulated and expressed in a considered and full manner.

  • The intention is that people will engage in the spirit of sharing their own information and resources back into the community.

  • Please remember that messages are viewable (at present publicly) however your email address is concealed from those outside the group.

  • Unless specifically necessary, no money should ever be sought or exchanged in the group.

  • Unless explicitly permitted do not contact anyone from this community directly.


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