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Welcome to our English Homeschooling Community in Colombia.

Our community has been set up to provide as a valuable resource for anyone homeschooling children in Colombia, South America to British or other English Language countries' National Curriculums and other educational standards. It is intended that the group will be used to share general and specific advice including resources and other relevant information. We would very much welcome professionals in the subject of homeschooling and English.

Please join this free and open group by sending a blank email here. Once you have joined please take a moment to read our welcome post and please introduce yourself to your fellow group members in a post to the group. The group can easily be engaged with equally through our website below where you can view and post on topics and also be interacted with by sending your posts to this email address and responding to messages in your registered email's inbox.

It is hoped that all will see this group as a valuable forum in a child's homeschooling education in the English language. If you would like to contact the organizer of this group, please send a direct message via this link.

How to join our free community.

Joining is quick and easy and only an email address is required. Click here to submit your email address or merely send a blank email to Please respond to any registration emails sent to your inbox.

Our community board.

Community Homeschooling Resources.

Below are a number of resources derived by fellow members from our community board. Please join and share any resources that you use.

  • Oxford Owl - A key resource in offering free reading books for children through all ages. Oxford Owl is used in the vast majority of British and commonwealth schools to teach and build on children's reading capabilities. Click the My class login icon at the top of the page, then enter heic for the username and homeschool for the password. All books are also readable on any web enabled table.
  • Reading Tree Books - A shared folder contributed by one of our members. It hosts a selection of downloadable eBooks for your reading pleasure.
  • National Curriculum (UK) - Official key stages, programs, subjects and assessments, useful for all English language learners.
  • Other Homeschooling Pages - The Home School Mom, Home education in the UK, A2Z Home School (US website), Home Education (UK), HSLDA (US site for homeschool rights), Education Otherwise (US website), Home School (UK website for UK, Australia and South Africa), Homeschool Directory (US website), Homefires (US website), Eclectic Homeschool Online (US website), Canada's Homeschool, Homeschool World, Global Home Education Conference 2016.
  • Colombia Homeschool Spanish Group - EnFamilia, Homeschooling Excepcional Colombia.
  • Legality of Homeschooling in Colombia - Through this link (in English) to a comprehensive explanation you can read up on the legality of homeschooling in Colombia. Although this group is primarily intended for those teaching/learning in English at home, the link here will be of general information to those teaching exclusively at home in Colombia.
  • Access Geographically Restricted Content - ibVPN is the recommended service provider. This method is particularly necessary for educators such as us who are abroad. Using this service is essential in circumventing geographically restricted content such as the UK's BBC iPlayer and learning material/media providers. The package recommended is their Ultimate VPN because of it's VPN and DNS service aspects. A free trail is also offered and recommended before purchasing this service. Please feel to make any queries within the group here or by contacting our group organiser directly.

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