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The First and Most Important Step in a Kitchen Remodeling Project

Individuals often go into a home remodeling project with a vision of the finished project only to be disappointed when the work is done. If they are satisfied with the end result, they may be unhappy with the cost. These issues can be avoided by doing one thing before any Design Build Remodeling project takes place. This is the planning stage which is often overlooked in a project of this type.

Determining Wants and Needs

First and foremost, a homeowner needs to sit down and determine why they are unhappy with the current space. Is there not enough room to cook? Does the area lack storage space for dishes, food, and small appliances or are the appliances simply ineffective due to their age? A list needs to be made outlining what items must be present in the updated kitchen and what items would be nice but aren't essential. The design build washington dc firm will find this information to be of great help in creating a workable plan for the space that meets the unique needs of the homeowner.

The Logistics

Who will be doing the work and how long will it take? Many homeowners are surprised to learn a home remodeling washington dc project can't be completed in the time frame they imagined. A kitchen remodeling project may take weeks or even months when a professional does the job. If the homeowner with average do-it-yourself skills opts to take on this project, it could take much longer. How long can the family do without this space without a great deal of inconvenience? This question must be answered before the project moves forward.

The Cost

Furthermore, homeowners must decide how much they are willing to spend on the project, and this depends in large part on how long he or she plans to stay in the home. For someone who has no plans to move for ten years or more, a major renovation is acceptable. However, for someone who plans to downsize in a few years, it's better to go with a surface-level renovation project. The next owner may not like the design and wish to redo it. As a result, the current homeowner who requested the project may not make as much back on the home renovation washington dc investment when the home sells.

Be prepared to compromise as the process moves forward. This will involve hiring subcontractors to carry out the work as opposed to hiring a general contractor to oversee the entire project. Many homeowners must also compromise on materials due to costs. The key is to find those items which the homeowner loves while staying within budget. For this reason, the planning portion of the project must always be the first step and should actually take more time than the actual work does. By spending this time early in the project, the homeowner will find the finished kitchen is everything he or she dreamed it would be.