Home Remodeling Atlanta

Find an Experienced Company for Home Remodeling Projects

Projects for Home Remodeling Atlanta regardless of the size or type are an investment in the future. The plans will suit the needs and preferences of the family now and increase the value of the property if it goes on the real estate market. Before spending any money, homeowners will want to compare companies to find one with several years, if not decades, of experience. The effort is essential to ensure quality workmanship.


Pricing is a major factor in selecting a company but should not be the most important one. A bargain quote will not save any money if the work is faulty, materials inferior, or appearances less than stunning. In most cases, homeowners end up spending double the money because a second company is needed to redo the work the right way.

The Risk of Damage

An inexperienced company or one that cuts corners can create damage in addition to not completing the job properly. A floor that is not perfectly level, for example, will warp, split, or crack because moisture will seep into the corners and penetrate the sub-flooring. Cabinets that are not secured to the wall can break or come lose. Appliances that are not connected correctly will cause water and electricity bills to spike, can weaken floor boards or support beams in the walls due to water damage.

Severe damage may occur before homeowners realize a problem exists. The visible elements of the project may appear as expected, so there is no reason to suspect any issues. The costs of repairs can be more expensive than the original remodeling project. There is a Home Remodeling Company Atlanta that has been in business for one-hundred and fifty-years. Five generations of the family have continued the tradition of attention to detail and craftsmanship.

Designing and Building Projects

In addition to remodeling interior and exterior living spaces, designs and new construction projects are offered as well. The process begins with an in-home consultation to discuss needs and desires with a professional. Contact the company as the first step toward altering an existing home or creating the home dreams are made of with the help of professional designers.