Xin Li

Ph.D. student

Department of Computer Science

Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen

xinlihitsz [at] gmail dot com

About Me

I am a fourth-year PhD student at Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen supervised by Zhenyu He. Now, I am a visiting student in UCM advised by Prof. Ming-Hsuan Yang. I am working on computer vision research. My research interests include Visual Tracking and Deep Learning.


Xin Li, Qiao Liu, Zhenyu He*, Hongpeng Wang, Chunkuai Zhang, Wen-sheng Chen. A multi-view model for visual tracking via correlation filters, 2016, Knowledge-Based Systems, Vol.113, pp.88-99. [pdf] [Link] [BibTeX] [Code]

Zhenyu He, Xin Li, Dachen Tao, Xinge You, and Yuan Yan Tang. Connected Component Model for Multi-Object Tracking, IEEE Trans. on Image Processing, 2016, vol.25, no.8, pp.3698-3711. [pdf] [Link] [BibTeX] [Code]

Xin Li, Zhenyu He*, Xinge You, and C. L. Philip Chen. A novel joint tracker based on occlusion detection. Knowledge-Based Systems, 2014, 71: 409-418 . [pdf] [Link] [BibTeX] [Code]