Signs a Senior Should No Longer Be Driving

Many adult children wonder when it’s time to have a conversation with their parent or aging family member about their driving abilities. Is it really time to take away the keys? This is a serious question and one that many people are hesitant to begin.

The good news is, even if a senior is no longer able to drive on their own, there are home health care services that can help. This needs to be part of the conversation.

Knowing when to have this conversation is crucial, as it may help prevent accidents caused by an aging senior. Some of the signs the time has arrived can be found here.

The Seniors Health Status

There are a number of medical conditions that can reduce a person’s ability to drive safely. One example is arthritis. This condition can affect a person’s ability to move and even notice obstacles when backing out of a parking space or switching lanes. Dementia can reduce a person’s ability to know and obey the rules of the road and increase the likelihood they will get lost. If an adult child is unsure if these are issues their senior parent has, they can speak to the person’s doctor. If health issues are a concern, then it may be time to call for senior care assistance for driving.


There are some medications that may result in side effects, making it unsafe for seniors to drive. Be sure to speak with a senior’s doctor to find out if there is any medication that may cause this. It may also be a good idea to count the total number of pills to make sure they are taken properly. This is something else that a home health care professional can help with. Not only can they help with medication management, but also driving the senior, if they are no longer able to drive themselves.

Recent Accident

Near misses, fender benders and unexplained scratches and bumps to a senior’s vehicle are other signs of a problem. These may be indications that the driving abilities of the individual are not as good as they should be.

When it is time to hire home health agencies be sure to take the time to find the right company. It’s important to find a senior care professional who will meet the senior’s needs while still letting them be as independent as possible. Getting to know the signs that help is needed is the first step in this process.