At-Home Activities for Atfal

  1. Join Atfal Learning Platform

  2. Atfal Online Meetings: Monday to Thursday, 3pm PDT

  3. Join Daily Reciters Club

  4. Book Reading

  5. Participate in K-8 Summer Math Challenge (see list of currently registered Atfal)

  6. Go through past videos on Atfal Learning Platform (first Quarter)

  7. Watch Children's Programs on MTA

  8. Q&A Animations for Atfal

  9. Study Atfal Ijtema Syllabus

  10. Participate in Ramadhan Challenge (challenge over - submit tracking sheets!)

  11. Study for Atfal Summer Exam

  12. Review presentations: Khilafat, Jalsa, Tabligh, Truthfulness, Mosque

  13. Participate in Online National Taleem Challenge - Due Date for Qualification: June 30th

More coming soon...