Four Home Renovation Nightmares

The home renovation process is without a doubt thrilling. It's also, however, rather complicated and time-consuming. It's something that calls for a significant amount of dedication and focus. Home updates can often be so tiring that actual relocations can sometimes seem easier in comparison.

Liz Evans is an American Fork, Utah homeowner who renovated her home recently. She took out linoleum and discovered the horrors of decaying subfloors. That was only a preview, too. Her refrigerator leaked onto her brand new wood floors. That brought on the need for new installation.

Ellie Mroz works for Michael Robert Construction as an interior designer. She thinks that people who are in the middle of the renovation process should always expect setbacks. She says that it can be wise to always purchase spare items whenever possible. Spare items enable people to deal with repair work easier. They also make redoing things a much more stress-free process.

Vincent Edwards is a Long Beach, New Jersey man who experienced substantial property damage after Hurricane Sandy. He recruited friends to help him repair his residence and restore it to its former comfortable condition. His goal was to keep the renovation process as budget-friendly as possible. It also was to minimize costs as much as he could. He encountered significant issues, though, when his buddies failed to caulk his bathroom shower stall unit correctly. That caused leakage and unsightly ceiling water discoloration. There were even bigger issues on the horizon, too. Mold development appeared via the caulk. Edwards, because of that, had to take out the existing caulk and reseal everything.

Charles Garrett is a West Hollywood, California local who gutted his kitchen. He wasn't a fan of its old-fashioned and antiquated look. He kept using his old microwave oven for meal preparation purposes during that time period. In the beginning, everything was just dandy. Garrett would buy frozen food from the local grocery store after coming back from his job. After some time went on, however, he began tiring of all of the frozen meals he kept eating. He, as a result, started depending on takeout meals from nearby dining establishments. Meal costs added up quickly. He began gaining a significant amount of weight as well. Garrett now does whatever he can to stay away from takeout food. He feels ill any time he hears the sounds of the microwave oven as well. It doesn't matter if you're using faux panels or anything else. People who are renovating their homes need to make smart, healthy and economical food plans. Faux panels shouldn't make anyone have to feel ill.

Margaret Russo is a New Jersey woman who attempted to perform an exterior painting project on her own. She didn't want to have to pay professionals for the job. That proved to be a bad decision. Balance wasn't exactly her strong suit and she fell off a ladder that was eight feet tall. She had to be rushed to the emergency room for urgent medical attention as well. Although she didn't experience a vertebrae fracture, she almost did. Russo deeply regrets the pain the injury caused her. She also deeply regrets all of the medical bills she received as a result of her exterior painting efforts. Russo definitely won't try to paint her home without professional assistance again.