Easy Remedies to eliminate sugar and Ayurvedic medicines

Remedies to remove sugar and diabetes: Due to changing lifestyle, tension and the wrong way of eating food, the disease of diabetes i.e. sugar is increasing rapidly. To control diabetes, some people resort to English medicine and indigenous Ayurvedic treatment, but they often have a question about whether sugar can be treated with root. Allopathic treatment is definitely effective in reducing and controlling high sugar, but there is no medicine yet to eliminate sugar in the root. But if home remedies and Ayurvedic medicines are adopted properly, it can be very helpful to get rid of diabetes. Today in this article we will learn about the root cause of diabetes and how to remedy Ramaban and Patanjali, the medicine of Baba Ramdev.

What should be the level of sugar

If you have 70 to 110 milligrams of sugar in blood on an empty stomach test, then this is normal blood sugar level.

If the level of sugar is between 110 to 125 then this sugar may be started in such a way that the doctor should meet the doctor immediately. If it is more than 125, then take sugar control drug and when it is more than 200 milligrams, the urine starts to grow.

Blood sugar level 110 to 140 is normal in the test after 2 hours of eating, but when this level comes from 140 to 170, do not panic, it can be easily controlled. When the level of sugar is 200 and more than 300, do not care negatively in the treatment.

If the blood sugar exceeds 400 mg, then this disease becomes severe.

If the diabetes is not treated at the time of time then this disease can also be the cause of many other diseases.

Treatment and remedies for eliminating sugar

1. Take three to four green onions, including root and wash it well and soak it in 2 liters of water and keep it for the night and eat it in the morning. Do not drink this water at one time, while drinking the water throughout the day, whenever it is thirsty. Continuing this treatment for 1 month helps eliminate sugar in the root.

2. Bitter things are very effective in reducing sugar level in the body. Therefore, amla, bitter gourd, neem, fenugreek seeds and aloe vera are accurate in the solution to reduce sugar. Vitamin A, B1, B2, C in bitter gourd, and nutrients present in it reduce the problem of sugar in blood sugar and urine. Therefore, the juice of bitter gourd must be consumed at least once every day.

3. Dry the fresh leaves of mango and grind it and make powder, now your home remedies are ready. To treat diabetes with root, take 1 teaspoon of this powder with empty stomach water in the morning.

4. If the powder of mango leaves is not consumed, then soak the fresh leaves of mango in 1 glass water at night. Boil it in the morning and scrub it and empty stomach. This remedy will lead to diabetes control and may even end up on regular basis.

5. Eating 4 grams of empty stomach in the morning helps to get rid of sugar syrup.

6. Grind coconut leaves and make a chutney and take 3 to 4 spoonful of it and mix it in 1 glass water and keep it for the night and have an empty stomach in the morning. Sugar will be completely controlled for these measures continuously for 10 to 15 days.

7. Evergreen flowers and leaves also benefit greatly in this disease.

8. Make the juice of gram in water and make its juice and take it half an hour before eating it. Do not consume any of these medicines 1 hour before and after this home remedies. This is a natural insulin for people who take insulin vaccine or medication every day. Regularizing this prescription, type 2 diabetes can also be treated.

9. Yoga is also very beneficial in how to eliminate the juice from the root. According to Baba Ramdev, doing kapalabhati pranayama, Anulom vilom and diarrhea every day for 15 to 20 minutes provides relief from the problems associated with sugar and sugar is also in control.

10. Stress, wrong lifestyle, obesity, not doing physical work at all, not getting complete sleep. All this is one of the reasons for having diabetes. To avoid sugar and eliminate it with root, adopt a healthy lifestyle and include yoga and exercise in your daily routine.

Indigenous Ayurvedic medicine of sugar

Fenugreek seeds 100 grams, Teak leaf 100 grams, Leaf sheet of leaves 250 grams and 150 grams of jambu kthakali. Dry all of these and grind them together and mix them all together, your indigenous medicine is there. According to Rajiv Dixit, take one to one and a half spoon of water, take the empty stomach with lukewarm water in the morning. Take this medication for 2 to 3 months and if you take urine of indigenous cow along with it then you will start seeing it.

Sugar medicine can also be obtained from Patanjali. Divine honey is a medicine made from many ayurvedic herbs. Take 2-2 pills of this drug empty stomach in the morning. Apart from this, looking at his diabetes, seek advice from Ayurvedic physician about the correct amount.

For sugar control, it is necessary to not use sugar and stay away from the sugar free tablet.