When to Hire a Plumber

When water and pipework is causing an issue in your home, knowing when to hire a plumber can make all the difference. Here are some tips from a team of qualified experts, to help you to troubleshoot your problem before you give the professionals a call.

Can a plumber help you?

One of the first things to remember when you are unsure whether or not a plumber can help is that they are trained, skilled and have experience in a range of issues. From blocked drains to leakages around the home and garden, an expert will have worked with clients from all walks of life; each with differing needs.

Does my issue warrant a call?

Water can be a tricky substance and the tiniest issue can soon become a problem for the continued health and functionality of your home, so you should always call a plumber when you notice anything.


A slight leak in a tap can soon turn into a full-scale drip - and a number of issues can arise. From the rusting of important components within your sink to a substantial loss of water that could cost you money, addressing this type of issue should happen sooner rather than later.

Cracks in pipes

Did you know that plumbers can also help with issues in pipework for substances other than water (i.e. gas)? If you notice a crack or leak in a pipe of any kind, a plumber will be able to attend to these issues in a safe and secure manner, just as they would for water pipes.

Drainages issues/ blockages

These can be especially difficult to deal with alone and can lead to major issues down the line. Hiring a plumber can minimise long-term damages and ensure that your water flows freely well into the future.