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We have a bunch of cool promos going on right now designed to well, get you excited and win your business.

Free Home Inspection

Get the fees of a Home Inspection waved with the purchase of $10 000 or more project from EMP that has to do with saving energy and the environment! I will come into your home and do an inspection - and my time that I charge at $300.00 per 2000 square feet will be waved. Including but not limited to; new windows, doors, renovations, retrofits, sun-rooms, garages, home or commercial

Before and after pic draw contest

Take before and/or after pics of your project done by EMP Contracting and get in our 2019 draw for a free renovation/construction package worth $5000.00

Home owner pro advantage:

With this promotion we will do a contract with the customer and make arrangements so the customer can get in on the work. This is a great way to save a little money and enjoy being apart of your property development - hands on. We basically just create an itemised list with things you can do on your own as part of the work flow.

Referral guarantee -

We like referrals! Its good business to get a lead from a previously satisfied customer, so we decided we will gift customer leads for %3 of every dollar we make off of their new customer referral to EMP, and 5% for 2 or more referrals. Lead promotion not limited to customers of EMP Any one can take advantage of this promotion.

Seniors discount

For any one over age 55 ! Seniors get 5% of work valued at $10 000 up to $100 000 and 10% off quoted priced valued at $100 000.00 or more Seniors get 2.5% off any other work.