EMP Contracting "Mould in Building Construction"

This is a Picture from one project with some black mold most carpenters in Alberta would laugh at me for. I don't mean to put you down guys but this is serious business and its going into new family homes from stock.

If you are making cuts and can't understand why your dimensions don't work - look for this stuff, you could be hallucinating seeing 69's when you are really seeing 96's. That is dyslexia, a symptom of black mold or other toxins around you.

Here is another example of some black mould on another project totally different wood supplier - looks like dirt. Get it wet and see what happens!

Here is another example and totally different project in a basement second unit cabinet.

It is showing that our materials being main streamed are no good to what is going on with our environment.

Here is another project in down town Calgary. A reno, brand new lumber to be installed in a wall! That stuff will make you hallucinate and crazy.