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A Master Craftsman


My name is Erik - I do commercial and industrial renovations and maintenance work.

In 2001 I started in commercial construction.

Today, I have developed a number of different services to keep my self a hot commodity here in the city. One thing is my tile creation rejuvenation services – I can fix tile creations and rejuvenate finishes that will cut down on things like dust in the air and shut down time of your business for renovations, saving thousands or even millions on materials.

I do professionally; custom design to build work, cabinets, furniture, decorative displays, coatings, decorations, event staging, and reinforced construction for your areas that need strength & security.

Being a modern builder I bring full service to construction renovations and have a server cloud so job monitoring or integrating connectivity to the job is not hard.

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So you see the vision! I have 2 companies that work essentially to bring together some very creative stuff designed around that business dream coming true.

Boom Rock Industries is an advertising / web / special event, consultation company

Erik M. Parti Contracting is a construction & renovation management company

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Mr. Erik Parti

Master Craftsman & Construction Design Consultant with media

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