EMP Contracting "Building with a legacy"

Hi guys! This is Erik M. Parti here! I am going to build this page into several other pages and clean it up stay tuned - a big up date to my web cloud is happening from February - March 2019!

There is alot of info covering many areas of my builder design and craftsman history, experience, motivation and thought process!

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Danger in an industry - Calgary, environmental warnings from an expert

A little history of EMP Contracting

EMP is the initials of myself, Erik M. Parti, the owner of EMP Contracting.

I have built many homes in Calgary and across the country including my Mom's and as well helped with many major government and business assets. I have had a hand in playing a part in the first green sector grant stuff as a designer, manager builder job provider, and web programmer back in 2009.

Growing up was tough for me. I suffer from dislexia. It is inproperly termed by much of the medical perfesionals in the world - to me it is a sympton, not a disease. Back in school it hampered me because I was punished for behavior issues and it hamped me because I would be seeing different things on paper then what the other students would see.

Today it is a strength, I have evolved and self diagnosed my issues. Today I know I have a great gift. Back in school the poor teachers had no clue that things like mould and asbestos would do very harmful things to people and that they where very dangerous. I know when mould and asbestos are around alot quicker then the normal person, because I get a natural alarm that goes off that really is an allergy to toxins, and poisons in the environment. Today still I get laughed at on the work sites especially in Alberta because there are alot of people in our province that don't want to listed to the info about climate change and the changes I am documenting like the explosion of mould I am documenting in Alberta - and yes my tough cow boy buddies and piers that small little thing like mould can drop you on your ass I was on one roof job this year! Tow guys fell of the roof - I got let go because no one could take change - but it is inevitable. The roof was covered in black mould under the wood shakes that we where stripping to put on a Euro Rubber roof. I know the mould was there because half way through the day I was seeing shadows out of the side of my eyes, and also had gotten a fear of heights.

Black mould is a nero toxin I don;t in any way feel like a coward for not finishing that roof with those guys, I know that is why I got feer, once the mould toxins inhibit your brain you loose balance, judgement of distance and literally will get other mental health issues if prolonged exposure permits.

Because of my hiper sensitivity to mould and other poisons I am a great home inspector with 25 years in manufacturing and construction, as well I never cut corners because I know how important vapour barriers and other parts of the Canadian Code are to the vital health of people in our communities. I am working on designs for homes to take the changes in Climate that are here, that are real - we must adapt and we must react not fight Alberta. Here are some pictures of mould on brand new lumber, I have been writing the big suppliers as I am seeing mould every where on new building material - its scaring the shit out of me and is going into new homes where children's heads will soon be sleeping, maybe yours.

Call me if you want security against these little known threats, I am designing houses to protect people for the future changes in the environment, from radiation from things like the cell net. Serf to the bottom of this page for some pictures of mould in Calgary from 2018.

My father left a legacy with me. My Father "Steve Parti" was a cool guy, he came from Europe in the late 50's. We had many great bbq's - everyone in the neighbour hood was welcome no matter what their back ground was or where they came from.

Aside from having a good time, we did the work together on the family home. I loved to learn from my Father he was a Hungarian and came to Canada with a Chemical Engineering degree he picked up in Switzerland.

In Canada he was an Electrical Technician and he taut me much about innovations and efficiency - European / Canadian style.

I like to incorporate that into all my building construction no matter how big or small the project.

"God bless your soul Dad you gave me the characteristics to get hard work done, and do it Smart."

Love and miss you much your son Erik Parti owner and designer at EMP Contracting