Our Associates

Jessica Holter is a Poet, a Novelist, a Journalist, an Orator and Founder of The Punany Poets.

Visit her site JessicaHolter.com

Love Confessions is a recurring Interactive Theme in The Punany Poets Productions

This is "Love Confessions Preamble" best compared to the Alter Call in religious ceremony. Holter's own call to Gospel ministry was thwarted by here experiences with Rape and Molestation.

Little known fact, Jessica Holter creates most of the art in all of her projects.

Through HIP, Holter will contribute her art in Creative Commons License to Non profit Organizations World Wide upon the completion of her portfolio. Visit her Art Site: The Art & Rhymes of Ghetto Girl Blue

Poet, Teacher, Ms. Nightlyfe

Part of the conversation we have with Black Women is about Self -Esteem and Efficacy.

Video: I Don't Fit In.

Rosegold Experience

Associate Band, Washington, DC