Save Our Sounds

An Artist Proposal - Donate Music Equipment

Learning to Communicate confidently is very important to us. Art has transformed all of our lives in some way. One of the most powerful influences in this world is music. Music is everywhere! In your cars, on commercials, in the gym, you name it. Music inspires, uplifts, motivates & encourages us to connect with our feelings. Which is important.

We are happy to announce our brand new Music Program: Save Our Sounds!! SOS offers low income families the opportunity to provide their children with free instruments & semi-private instruction.

Not only will these children learn to play, they learn the history & herstory of music. We teach 'The Art of Stage Presence', Songwriting, Singing & Improv.

After 6 weeks of instruction, they get the opportunity to perform in front of a live audience & participate in our fun filled Jam Session!

Music has been proven to be extremely therapeutic. Low Income & foster children experience high stress levels. Therefor, incorporating a free music program in their life is certainly a great relief for them & their parents. "Music was the one thing that saved my life as a child. I would sing, play my keyboard & write songs for hours.. Music became my happy place." - Karis Lovechild

Sign up Today & Help us to build "Save Our Sounds" by donating Instruments. Thank You in Advance.