Speech Classes

We are so excited about getting started with enrollment in our speech program, Project C.O.V.E. Collective Oratory Voices for Excellence.



I.N.S.E.L.F. will be our first program, will a Georgia based trial run in September, 2017. We are seeking 6 to 12 young men and young women presently living in or aging out of the foster care system, including group homes, in Georgia, to be part of an amazing new program, that can help prepare you for the road ahead of you.

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We offer online courses, free to members of HIP Inc at www.projectcove.org. Course syllabus includes:

#Elocution: The skill of clear and expressive speech, especially of distinct pronunciation and articulation.

#CommonlyMispronouncedWords: EX: COM-fort-a-ble vs COMF-ter-ble / OFF-en vs OFT-en

#TheUrbanPhonetic: The mask in Black Speech, a brief history for consideration in contemporary communication.

#Memorization: Tips and tricks for memorizing speeches.

#Listening: Listening is speaking too. What do you think about that? (See what I did there?)

#Reading a Room: Learn to read eyes, voices, laughter and body gestures of your audience.

#Projection: Learning to project your voice to maximize desired affect.

#MemoryBlock: Methods for recalling your place in a speech, when memory fails.

#EyeContact: How to make and maintain a soul connection when speaking.

#MusicalSpeech: Finding the music in your speech delivery.

#VerbalTicks: Becoming aware of and defeating verbal ticks.